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The Latest Game Cheats and Codes!
Here you can find of a list of the latest PC Games, Action games we have added to our cheats database.
The list is constantly being updated so keep coming back to check for any updates.
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HintsNew Cheats Aug 29, 2011
Assassin's Creed - Brotherhood [Update]
Battlefield 2 [Update]
Blockland [Update]
Cinema Tycoon 2 - Movie Mania [Update]
Pokemon Indigo [Update]
Tropico 4 [Update]
U.B. Funkeys [Update]
HintsNew Cheats Aug 28, 2011
3-Hole Challenge [Update]
Adrenalin Extreme Show [Update]
Bejeweled 3 [Update]
Big City Adventure - San Francisco [Update]
Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare [Update]
Cyberplasm Formula [Update]
Farm Frenzy Pizza Party [Update]
HintsNew Cheats Aug 27, 2011
Civiballs 2 [Update]
Dead Island [Update]
Deus Ex - Human Revolution [Update]
Farm Frenzy 3 Madagaskar [New]
Lego Racers [Update]
Luxor 4 - Quest for the Afterlife [Update]
Mafia 2 [Update]
HintsNew Cheats Aug 26, 2011
Bin Weevils [Update]
Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas [Part 2] [Update]
Minecraft [Update]
Prototype [Update]
Street Fighter IV [Update]
The Sims 3 - Ambitions [Update]
Tropico 4 [Update]
HintsNew Cheats Aug 22, 2011
Need For Speed - ProStreet [Update]
RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 - Wild! [Update]
Rogue Warrior [Update]
Swat 4 [Update]
Tony Hawks American Wasteland [Update]
Tropico 4 [Update]
TSK2 - Trapped in Time [Update]
HintsNew Cheats Aug 21, 2011
18 Wheels of Steel - Across America [Update]
Code Of Honor: The French Foreign Legion [Update]
Command & Conquer - Red Alert 3 [Update]
Fate [Update]
SimCity 4 - Deluxe Edition [Update]
Viva Pinata [Update]
Zoo Tycoon - Marine Mania [Update]
HintsNew Cheats Aug 20, 2011
Bust-A-Move 4 [Update]
Command & Conquer - Renegade [Update]
Football Manager 2011 [Update]
Freedom Force [Update]
Gaia Online [Update]
Lego Island 2 [Update]
Need for Speed - Most Wanted [Update]
HintsNew Cheats Aug 19, 2011
Butterfly Escape [Update]
Fifa 10 [Update]
Jamestown: Legend of the Lost Colony [New]
Midtown Madness [Update]
Need for Speed - Underground 2 [Update]
Team Fortress 2 [Update]
The Dark Legions [Update]
HintsNew Cheats Aug 15, 2011
Air Forte [Update]
Alice - Madness Returns [Update]
Batman - Rise of Sin Tzu [Update]
Crysis 2 [Update]
Duke Nukem Forever [Update]
Leisure Suit Larry 7:Love For Sail [Update]
Pathologic [Update]
HintsNew Cheats Aug 14, 2011
Advent Rising [Update]
Assassin's Creed 2 [Update]
Bookworm Adventures [Update]
Cricket 2007 [Update]
Pirates Of The Caribbean:At World's End [Update]
Race Driver - Grid [Update]
Zoo Tycoon 2 [Update]
HintsNew Cheats Aug 13, 2011
Mirror's Edge [Update]
Nintendogs [Update]
Post Apocalyptic Mayhem [Update]
Puzzle Pirates [Update]
Shank [Update]
Urban Brawl - Action Doom 2 [Update]
Zoo Tycoon 2 [Update]
HintsNew Cheats Aug 12, 2011
Gangsters 2 - Vendetta [Update]
Guild Wars Nightfall [Update]
Hover Force [Update]
Ice Cream Tycoon [Update]
Interactive Buddy [Update]
Rodriguez Revenge [New]
Westward 3 - Gold Rush [Update]
HintsNew Cheats Aug 08, 2011
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire [Update]
Juiced 2 - Hot Import Nights [Update]
Luxor 4 - Quest for the Afterlife [Update]
Magic seeds [Update]
Moshi Monsters [Update]
Plants vs. Zombies [Update]
RailWorks 2 - Train Simulator [Update]
HintsNew Cheats Aug 07, 2011
Burnout Paradise - The Ultimate Box [Update]
Caesar 4 [Update]
Casino Mogul [Update]
Cricket Revolution [Update]
FlyFF [Update]
Minecraft [Update]
Resident Evil 4 [Update]
HintsNew Cheats Aug 06, 2011
Empire - Total War [Update]
Gaia Online [Update]
Gothic 3 - Forsaken Gods [Update]
Moorhuhn 2 [Update]
Project IGI-2 Covert Strike [Update]
Psi-Ops - The Mindgate Conspiracy [Update]
The Sims 3 [Update]
HintsNew Cheats Aug 05, 2011
Cricket Revolution [Update]
Devil May Cry 4 [Update]
Fallout - New Vegas [Update]
Fury 3 [Update]
Hot Rod - Garage To Glory [Update]
Sinjid - Shadow of the Warrior [Update]
The Last Stand - Union City [New]
HintsNew Cheats Aug 01, 2011
Bin Weevils [Update]
F.E.A.R. [Update]
Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas [Part 2] [Update]
Left 4 Dead 2 - The Passing [Update]
NBA 2K11 [Update]
True Crime - New York City [Update]
Westward 2 - Heroes of the Frontier [Update]




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