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Cyberplasm Formula Cheats

Cyberplasm Formula

Cheat Codes:

1.Start mission

2.When the mouse is over a "hot spot" the words in the upper left
hand corner of the screen will prompt you to the action that will
occur if you click on that area. This guide will get you through 
as fast as possible and show you a few highlights of the program 
but please explore outside of these hints since free interactive 
exploration is what makes Victor Vector so much fun. Anytime you 
do explore outside of the guidelines, save your program so you can
return to that point if you get caught by the robo ts or run out 
of energy.

3.Click the mouse on the building that says "JUNK".

4.Click on the magnet and the can of food, then return to the last
screen by clicking on the arrow.

5.Go into the yellow building, then up the stairs.

6.Ring the bell for Apt 102, and go inside.

7.Listen to the women's story by clicking on her.. When she offers 
you something, click on the cabinet next to the TV. Take the champagne
and the Elvis CD. If Yondo is losing energy, click on his food bowl.

8.Click on the door and then the stairs in the next screen. You will 
be approached and arrested. Follow the story and when Victor Vector
prompts you to use something from the virtual backpack, click on the
green triangle at the bottom of the screen. Scroll through the objects
that you have collected until you reach the champagne bottle.
Click "use" to get out.

9.When you are back to the screen with the buildings, click on the rubble
area to the far right. This will take you to the demolition screen. Click
on the crean-like machine, then on the hole below the flashing light.
In the next screen click on the hole .

10.In first screen in the subway click on the right side. You should be
infront of the bathrooms on the platform. Click on the gumball machine 
in the right hand corner.

11.On the close-up of the gumball machine, clcik on the coin return lever
and then take the coin that drops down. Return to the main screen.

12.Go to the men's washroom and follow the subsequent scene. Take the 
gizmo when it is offered to you.

13.Return by clicking on the tunnel. Now go to the left side of the 
platform screen. Then go up to the ladder.

14.Click on the other side of the road and you should get an overhead view
of the cars with Victo Vector in the bottom of the screen. Now would be
a good time to save the game. Click on the green triangle to the right of
the screen and then on the save button. Save the game to a folder on your
hard drive and return to the game.

15.Try to cross the road by clicking on the place you want Victor Vector 
to go. It can be tricy but don't worry since you have saved the game. Once
to the other side, a red car will stop: get next to the car and click on 
it. Get inthecar by clicking on the passenger seat.

16.Follow the story to the Robocorp Headquarters, click on the front door.
Disable the robot guard by using the magnet. Go to the elevator, the red
door on the left side of the screen.

17.Press the button for any floor and then use the gizmo that the punks 
gave you to get to the access code. You will have to play a Simon-type 
game remembering a sequence of the colors and reenter the code by clicking
on the colors on the control panel. You may want to save the game again
in case you enter the wrong code. When you are succesful, the elevator
will go to the floor you choose. Eventually you want to go to the 12th

18.Once on the 12th floor, go to the door through the hall to the door.

19.Go into the office of Dr. Alfred Mode. After a few screen he will be
finished speaking: go into your virtual backpack and "use" the Elvis CD.
Take the key to the 257th floor that Dr. Mode offers you.

20.You should have jumped straight back to the elevator.
Use the key to get to the 257th floor.

21.Go into the secret lab and click on the curator robot on the right.
Click on the robot to the left. Write down the combinations for the
missing chips. Return to the elevator through the doorway.

22.Go to the 9th floor and enter the parts department. Click on the keypad
and enter 911 to get an explanation of how the keypad operates. The "P" 
series chip will be in inventory; the computer will give you instructions
to theothers. Enter the number to get the "P" series chip.
Take the chip and return to the elevator.

23.Go to the snack bar on the 5th floor. Order veggie burgers until Yondo's
health is 100%. The robot will stop you from opening the panel, so order a
burger and a tofu dog at the same time and while he is busy click on the
panel and take the "K" series chip you need. Return to the elevator.

24.Go to the Hazardous Waste Area on the 2nd floor. Click on the far wall.
The matrix on thr right shows a series of rooms; you want to get to room E5.
You must go through them in this order: A1, B2, C1, D1, D2, D3, E3, E4, E5.
If you go out of sequence you will not have enough energy to get back to the

25.At room E5 click on a robot and then "use" the coin to open the panel. 
Take only the chip you need, any other will activate the robot. Return 
through the same sequence of rooms to get out. Go to the elevator.

26.Return to the 257th floor and place the chips from your virtual backpack
into the Ybor robot. After the robot is activated go back to the 12th floor.

27.Go through Dr. Mode's office, through the open door, up the stairs to the
13th floor, into the lab. A seiries of animations will explain the Great 
Crash and the origins of RAM Axis. Be sure to eat your can of food from your
backpack. Now you have enough energy to take the formula disk. To finish press
the red button on the time travel control lever that will appear after you have 
the disk. Congratulations!! You have completed the mission!
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