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Cinema Tycoon 2 - Movie Mania Cheats

Cinema Tycoon 2 - Movie Mania

For instant 500,000 dollars:
Submitted by: rolly
Email :

Hold [Ctrl] + [Shift] and type ct2. 
Alternately, hold [Ctrl] + R and type ct2.

Sales goals:
Submitted by: RM

You can always borrow from the bank or the loan shark...or BOTH! Sometimes
all it takes is a little extra cash to make it through! And if you're in 
real trouble, you can sell back the upgrades that aren't vital to making it
to the next round!

Restart level:
To restart a level you need to go bankrupt. I did this by paying off a loan
that I did not have that amount of money. 
Example: You have $500, your loan amount is $1,500. Go to loan screen and 
raise daily amount to repay to $1,500, click Accept and you will get message
that you have gone bankrupt, then you will have option to replay level.

Restart Update:
Before you try above tip....Make sure you go through the upgrade section and
sell all upgrades purchased, then sell all films. After this go back to loan
screen and follow above steps. You have to end up with a negative cash balance.
Sorry for any confusion.

Movie Hints:
Make sure you are spending your money on good movies. As much as possible, in
the beginning of the level, only buy movies in the hot category. If you need 
to save money, buy a really good movie and show it on two screens.

In the beginning, watch which upgrades you buy. I always buy Candy for the 
snack counter as soon as possible. Then buy parking, then upgrade sound. Don't
buy more seats unless your screens are playing to 95% or better. Having empty 
seats won't make you any money. I usually start my ticket prices at $4 kids, 
$8 adults and $5.50 Seniors.

Restart Update:
(yes, this is a different person)
Another way you can go bankrupt is this: First, you borrow 5k from the loan 
shark. Make sure you have no movie playing, and start the day. Keep doing this.
After a while, a message will pop up saying that the loan shark demands his 
loan back.IMPORTANT: if you have $5,000 or above DO NOT start the day. Instead,
look for a movie that costs enough for you to have below 5k. Buy it. Then, you 
can start the day. At the end of the day, a message will pop up saying "We steal
your credit. :-)" 
They should take 5k and if you had below that, you should have negative money. 
Just start the day now to restart.
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