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The Latest Game Cheats and Codes!
Here you can find of a list of the latest PC Games, Action games we have added to our cheats database.
The list is constantly being updated so keep coming back to check for any updates.
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HintsNew Cheats Mar 31, 2012
3D Ultra Radio Control Racers [Update]
Adam's Venture - The Search for the Lost Garden [Update]
Bumbledore [Update]
Ciao Bella [Update]
Dragon Age 2 [Update]
Escape the Emerald Star [Update]
Escape Whisper Valley [Update]
HintsNew Cheats Mar 30, 2012
18 Wheels Of Steel - American Long Haul [Update]
Direct Hit - Missile War [New]
Grand Theft Auto - Episodes from Liberty City [Update]
Icewind Dale 2 [Update]
Kingdoms Of Amalur - Reckoning [Update]
Mass Effect 3 [Update]
Syndicate 2012 [Update]
HintsNew Cheats Mar 26, 2012
Civilization - Call to Power 2 [Update]
Dungeons and Dragons - Daggerdale [Update]
Hamilton's Great Adventure [Update]
Jedi Knight 2 - Jedi Outcast [Update]
Murloc RPG - Stranglethorn Fever [Update]
Pizza Tycoon [Update]
Pokemon Indigo [Update]
HintsNew Cheats Mar 25, 2012
8-Bit Commando [Update]
Assassin's Creed - Revelations [Update]
Exile 3 - Ruined World [Update]
Hot Rod - American Street Drag [Update]
Kingdom Under Fire [Update]
Men Of War - Assault Squad [Update]
Rugby League [Update]
HintsNew Cheats Mar 24, 2012
Containment - The Zombie Puzzler [Update]
Cubemen [Update]
Defenders of Ardania [Update]
Rail of War [Update]
Space Ark [Update]
Stacking [Update]
Wizorb [Update]
HintsNew Cheats Mar 23, 2012
3D Ultra Mini Golf [Update]
Arsenal of Democracy [Update]
Cities In Motion [Update]
Grand Theft Auto - Gadar [Update]
Grand Theft Auto - Punjab [Update]
Hapland 3 [Update]
Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine [Update]
HintsNew Cheats Mar 19, 2012
Age of Empires - The Rise of Rome [Update]
Duke Nukem Forever [Update]
Etherlords II [Update]
Falcon 4.0 [Update]
Gangland [Update]
Guild Wars Nightfall [Update]
Kingdom Of Loathing [Update]
HintsNew Cheats Mar 18, 2012
Cleopatra - Queen Of The Nile [Update]
CrimeCraft - GangWars [Update]
Gish [Update]
Grotesque Tactics 2 - Dungeons [Update]
The Precursors [Update]
Virtual Villagers 3 - The Secret City [Update]
Wizard 101 [Update]
HintsNew Cheats Mar 17, 2012
Jagged Alliance 2 [Update]
Painkiller - Recurring Evil [Update]
Pet Society [Update]
Pickers [Update]
Rails Across America [Update]
Stick RPG 2 CS [Update]
Warrior Kings [Update]
HintsNew Cheats Mar 16, 2012
Bastion [Update]
Capsized [Update]
Cargo - The Quest for Gravity [Update]
Fortix 2 [Update]
Killing Floor [Update]
Nation Red [Update]
Osmos [Update]
HintsNew Cheats Mar 12, 2012
Black Mirror 2 [Update]
Dungeon Siege 2 [Update]
Lemonade Tycoon [Update]
Saints Row 2 [Update]
Torchlight [Update]
Windows Minesweeper [Update]
WWE Raw Ultimate Impact [Update]
HintsNew Cheats Mar 11, 2012
IBomber Defense Pacific [Update]
Luxor Evolved [Update]
Scarface - The World is Yours [Update]
Sonic The Hedgehog 4 - Episode 1 [Update]
Syndicate (2012) [Update]
The Witcher 2 - Assassins Of Kings [Update]
Vessel [Update]
HintsNew Cheats Mar 10, 2012
Adventure Quest 2 [Update]
Bet On Soldier - Blood of Sahara [Update]
Beyond Divinity [Update]
Mass Effect 3 [Update]
Minecraft [Update]
Realm of the Mad God [Update]
Scoregasm [Update]
HintsNew Cheats Jan 13, 2012
A Game Of Thrones - Genesis [Update]
Aveyond - Lord of Twilight [Update]
Battlestations - Pacific [Update]
Creatures 3 [Update]
DeathSpank - The Baconing [Update]
Fifa 12 [Update]
Need for Speed - Most Wanted Black Edition [Update]
HintsNew Cheats Mar 05, 2012
Light Crusader [Update]
Mabinogi [Update]
Man of War II - Chains of Command [Update]
Pirates Of The Caribbean - At World's End [Update]
Red Faction 2 [Update]
Spider-Man 3 [Update]
Stranded 2 [Update]
HintsNew Cheats Mar 04, 2012
Army Corps Of Hell [Update]
Asphalt - Injection [Update]
Duke Nukem Forever: The Doctor Who Cloned Me [Update]
Garshasp - The Monster Slayer [Update]
Puzzler World 2 [Update]
Shank 2 [Update]
Wargame - European Escalation[Update]
HintsNew Cheats Mar 03, 2012
Cleopatra - Queen Of The Nile [Update]
CrimeCraft - GangWars [Update]
Gish [Update]
Grotesque Tactics 2 - Dungeons [Update]
The Precursors [Update]
Virtual Villagers 3 - The Secret City [Update]
Wizard 101 [Update]
HintsNew Cheats Mar 02, 2012
Left 4 Dead 2 - The Passing [Update]
No One Lives Forever 2 [Update]
Overlord - Raising Hell [Update]
Puzzle Quest: Challenge Of The Warlords [Update]
Return To Blockland [Update]
School Tycoon [Update]
Section 8 - Prejudice [Update]




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