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Ciao Bella Cheats

Ciao Bella

General Hints:
Submitted by: David K

Traveling takes up time. Always check your clock and mouseover each location to 
see if itís open first before you go there. 

The first thing you should be doing in the morning is eating. 

If youíre close, eating at home is always better (unless your sister is cooking - 
then eat at your familyís cafe) since itís free. 

Talk to your family a few times every week - you donít have to do it everyday. 
The mall is a great place to hangout, so you might be able to find people there - 
namely protesters. 

Places where posters might be at: Mall (not in the boutiques,) your familyís cafe,
gym, boutique, Teresaís restaurant, the park, the church. 

When things just look like they couldnít be worse, pray and ask for a miracle. 

Save up money in the first mission - and work like a dog in the second one. 

Donít beseech unless youíre desperate. Some versions of the game will NEVER give
you money when you beseech, and some others will throw you a big $1000. Figures. 

Eat at least 5 times a day. Youíll NEVER get fat if you eat more, and youíll starve 
if you eat too little. Eating at home is free. 

The gym is a great place to up your harmony and health 

Read a little everyday. 

You canít stock up on antihistamine. Buy them or talk to your family when your 
allergy blinks. 

Buy mission critical items as soon as you have the money. 

Doing things for your uncle will almost always net you a bonus, unless itís for

Never let Elena go hungry or exhausted - itís set you back BIG TIME.

Your family:
Talk to your family a few times every week. You cannot save antihistamine. Buy 
them or talk to your family when your allergy happens. Doing things for your 
uncle will almost always earn a bonus, unless it is for God. 

Do not beseech unless you have no other choice. Some versions will never give you 
money. However other versions will give you $1,000.

The first thing you should do in the morning is eat. Eating at home is free, and 
is always better if you are nearby. However if your sister is cooking, eat at 
your family's cafe because it is free. Eat at least five times a day. You will 
never get fat if you eat more, but will starve if you eat too little. 

Poster locations:
Posters can be found at the mall (except the boutiques), your family's cafe, the 
gym, the boutique, Teresa's restaurant, the park, and the church.

Saving time:
To avoid wasting time when traveling, check your clock and highlight each 
location to make sure it is open before going there.

A day in the life of Elena:
-Eat. Talk to mom. 
-Work at the cafe, talk to dad 
-Go home, eat. Apply makeup to make up for the harmony you lost. 
-Work at your uncleís. 
-Go home and eat. 
-Go back to your uncleís to work overtime. 
-Go home and eat. 
-Go to the gym to boost whatever stats that are low. Swimming and Yoga is my 
 favorite combo. When the park is available, jog and do Tai-Chi instead 
-Go home. Eat, read, sleep.

The Reunion:
You have to talk to Ernie (coffee) - ask him, what did he buy for Carmie. 
Then go to uncle Nuncio (Nuncio constructions - you work there) he will tell you 
what to buy for your sister. The gift is in Shopping mall. 
You will have to earn 1 000 $ to get it. You have to give it to Ernie before 
Friday. Remember you have a date, you have to look good - visit Gym to improve 
health and harmony, read to improve culture. And go to Da Teresa Restaurant on 
Saturday (after 5 o'clock). If you forgot about improving your life - you will 
look horrible and Elio won't ask you for a date. 

The First Randez-vous:
You have to buy skates in the mall (450$) and improve health - you have to be fit. 
You have to get permit for building Joe Bernardino's house - it is difficult, but
possible. You have to get a lot of money. You have to go the judge (Hotel de ville)
and mall - where you have to beg and bribe (with presents) Agnelina. You will have
to beseech (church) untill you'll be blessed and get 1 000$ (you can get it twice)
- to buy presents for Angelina - first the statue from Antiques (1 000$) ,then 
from Appliances - Air conditioner and Vacuum cleaner. You can finish level without
completing this task. But you will get extra money and points for that. 
Go For a walk with Maurizio - good for health.
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