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Yakuza 3 Remastered Cheats

Yakuza 3 Remastered

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Slow Down Minigames So They Actually Work:
Written by Dennis Rogers

How to slow down minigames (esp fishing) to a manageable speed using basic CPU 
tricks that are installed into Windows by default.

You would have thought that the idea of having to slow down your PC to be able 
to run a game at its proper speed would be a relic of the old days, when PCs 
came with DOS operating systems and turbo buttons on the front. Sadly, crappy 
porting studios like QLOC don't seem to have gotten the memo, and instead want 
us to do their job for them. In this case, things like Fishing are virtually 
impossible due to them being sped up to twice how fast they're supposed to be 
(due to running at 60fps instead of 30 like the original game).

A workaround for this is to slow your PC down so that it can only run the game 
at 30fps while the game's FPS limit is set at 60fps (NOT auto). But how do we 
achieve this? One option, as mooted by some on here already, is to set the render 
scale in advanced graphics options to 200%. However, this doesn't always have 
enough impact on performance to actually reduce the FPS down to 30, and it also 
partially obscures some elements such as the fishing tension gauge. Given that 
the fishing minigame (and in particular, the catching of a "Maguro" tuna) is one 
of the worst-affected things about this timing issue in the first place, raising 
the render scale to lower FPS thus feels like trading one broken gameplay aspect 
for another.

Instead, a much better idea is to start the game, then use CTRL+ALT+DEL to bring 
up the menu from which you can select "Task Manager" at the bottom. From here, 
click the "Details" tab. Then, right click the "Yakuza 3" process, click on 
"Set affinity," This will then give you a menu showing checkboxes for all your 
CPU threads (CPU0, CPU1, etc...) By default, all of these are enabled. 
By disabling all but one or two of these, it will force the game to only use 
those threads, severely limiting its performance. You may need to play around 
with the exact number and location of threads (IE, how far away they are from 
CPU 0), but this is one way to slow down the game such that the minigames like 
fishing are actually beatable.
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