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Xissai: the Snake Temple Cheats

Xissai: the Snake Temple

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Guide to All Endings:
Written by RottingGem

This guide will show you how to get each of the 3 endings. Not spoiling 
the endings, but assuming you have played through at least once and seen 
one of the endings, so you know what scene is being referenced.

So, not every choice in this game affects your route.

Your first set of questions is just for lore, when you first meet Vashtra. 
Choosing anything but “Hesitate” will give you some background, and return 
you to the list, minus that question. “Hesitate” will move you forward to 
the next scene and end your opportunity to ask questions, so start from the 
top if you care about lore. (‘Stay silent or ask for details’ ALSO apparently 
has no effect on anything.)

The second question also has no bearing on your route. Struggle or not, it 
makes no difference.

The THIRD choice, several in-game days later, is when your choices start 
to matter.

-=Twins Ending=-
To get the Best Ending, aka the Twins Ending, your choice of what to focus 
on here must be “your brother.” After that choice, you are locked in, gg.

You then have the Momentous Scene, and the choice to “keep the secret” or 
“confess”. This will affect who administers the Purification Ritual – the 
Patriarch will do so if you confess, or Gorian will do so if you hide it. 
Gorian’s scenes are much more /personally involved/, while the Patriarch at 
least keeps up a veneer of professionalism. (Personally, I found this 
section the most challenging to get through, even moreso than the Bad Ending. 
Choose wisely based on how much crying Seles you want to see…)

Note that there DOES appear to be a short missable scene featuring Llyr, 
which you get by choosing to “keep the secret,” and then much later, choose 
to “agree” with Gorian.

Either way, since you chose “your brother” earlier, both twins will recover 
and get their tails, and Seles will confess his doubts to Vel, and the twins 
will begin investigating, leading to the mysteries being uncovered, and then 
the Twins Ending.

-=Temple Ending=-
Second, the Temple Ending. You can either start over and find the ‘skip’ 
button, or go back to a previous save.

This time, you have to choose to be worried about “your priesthood”, which 
lore-wise fits in with choosing to dedicate yourself to the Temple. Then, 
after your Big Moment, choose to confess your sin to the Council. The 
Purification Ritual will go much smoother with him in charge instead of 
Gorian. The twins are allowed back into their rooms to wait out the 7 days. 
The Patriarch will declare them “purified” and their “fluids” non-poisonous.

Following that, you will be presented with the option to view an optional 
scene for the Insemination Ritual. There’s no CG and the writing for the 
scene itself is pretty uninterested and bland, so unless you really want 
Sel and Vel to have canonically bred a bunch of female “temple servants” 
there’s no compelling reason to watch it, imo.

Vashtra joins the twins on their pilgrimage to convert the whole kingdom. 
There’s a tiny choice, just after leaving the temple, of whether or not 
Vashtra submits to the ‘new authority’ or fights it. It does not change 
your ending, but you get a bit more humiliation for the twins if he backs 

Then the rest of the Temple Ending plays out, (and it’s kind of depressing, 
actually) and only one more to go.

-=Bad Ending=-
For the Bad Ending, choose the “priesthood” as being more important than 
your brother. Then after your Big Moment, choose to “keep it a secret.”

You can, after the clandestine purification ritual, choose to ‘agree’ with 
Gorian, if you want Seles to see Llyr for one last time before the 
inevitable Bad End.
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