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World of Fate Cheats

World of Fate

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Basic Guide for Beginners:
Written by son

For World of Fate players, this guide is a basic guide for beginners, 
which provides tips and simple tutorials, letís check it out.

-=Quick Tips and simple tutorial=-
1.Choose what building you want to be the HQ.

2.After placing your HQ you will have the building and 1 Control Squad.

3.When in the combat menu you can click your combat squad and move them 
around by left clicking around the map.

4.You can move the combat squad to a building that you do not yet occupy, 
there will be a red line showing between your unit and the building, get 
closer to the building when the line turns green you are able to left 
click the building and choose raid.

5.When raiding the more squads occupying the building the faster you 
claim it, once the building is claimed your squad will be put in the 
building, to take them out to reuse them you have to switch to the 
"Select Buildings" menu, then you can left click the building to evacuate 

6.When using the claim Territory feature your first left click will spawn 
a white dot, every time you left click after, a orange dot will appear, 
you can use them to outline an area you would like to claim, to finish 
the claim double left click the white dot you started with.

7.The edit Territory feature is used to both change the name of the claim, 
as well as see how many buildings you have in the claim. The Territory 
will show unclaimed unless you own every building in its area.
(Capture Progress shows the building count)

* Housing 
- The bigger the building the more beds you can have to hold more people, 
the more buildings you get the higher your population grows, their 
happiness is effected by the housing space.

* Storage 
- The bigger the building the more storage you can create, can build 
Steel $100, Iron $750, or Christmas $800

* Research 
- once built gives % or research per min, which unlocks construction at 
level 3, this also gives you better mining.

* Barracks 
- you can make more Control Squads which cost $2,500 to train, thus 
capture or defend more buildings

Scan For Minerals costs $10,000, the mines you find can be activated by 
using the Select Buildings menu and buying the mine

Construction - Still Bugged, cant build anything yet.
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