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Wizards and Warlords Cheats

Wizards and Warlords

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Useful Tips for New Players:
Written by dasara III

This is a basic guide for new players to help get you into the game 
sooner rather than later. These a tips from hours of play and aimed 
at getting a good start. By no means an expert guide, but enough 
tips to help a new player get to the enjoyment part of the game quicker.

Your followers have several key roles to play, and they can change 
at different stages of the game.

Stage 1
Explore, explore, explore, when you start a new game, you need to know 
what is out there and the quickest and best way is to get your followers 
to explore.

For the first 10 turns have all 4 followers exploring provinces.
After this, you will want at least 2 followers exploring up to turn 50.
Then just explore when you need to.
Now you have explored, you should also have one follower “searching” 
provinces for Dungeons.

Stage 2
Level up follower levels via getting experience.
Send followers on diplomatic ventures via being an emissary to independent 
Attach followers as either General, Scout or Champion in your armies and 
have them fight in battles by attaching to units at the start of the battle.

-=Follower key activities=-
Explore a province
Search a province
Emissary to independent towns (great to get experience)
A role in an Army (General first, scout second)
Train workers new traits.
Things not to worry about

Appointment to offices, I have found this to be of minor value and 
something you can explore when you become a veteran.

Your workers are needed to build things and then make those building 
more efficient.

Always make sure you have worker in your wizard tower as this extra money/
food/tools really helps, especially early in the game.

Training: you should always have at least one follower training your workers 
in new traits.

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