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Withering Rooms Cheats

Withering Rooms

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

What You Need to Do Before to Start Chapter 2 Ending:
The Labyrinth changes each day. You can get some good random unique 
rings (The bonuses/penalties are random). The Lost rings are the best 
Iíve seen, as they have more potential than the rare rings(though my 
best so far was only a rare, I can only imagine itís stats if it was 
lost quality).

I got one really good rare lucky ring(I have a few different versions 
of lucky ring) with 50% luck/+100% perception/+3 Melee poise impact. I 
lose 2 poise and -12% resistance to something(forget what). Itís 
penalties are minimal, compared to a lot of the ones I was finding.

The torch you can find in the labyrinth seems weak just looking at itís 
stats, but actually causes a lot of damage(especially when charged) fast 
and is a light source. Quite a few labyrinth enemies are weak to fire.

The Spear is also good (for anything that bleeds) with my rare lucky 
ring and crit ring so most hits are crits so I can stunlock some enemies.

If you kill the ancient king you get his heavy armor/helmet, and a 
discount on respecs.

Guide to Full-Cursed Lifesteal Build:
Written by BananaBadman

-=Level up stats
* 200 Health.
* At least 200% Melee damage.
* Everything else split between resistances, poise and speed.

* Vampire Locket: 20% lifesteal is enough to keep me going.
* Cursed Flesh Ring and Flesh Ring Ė 30% damage boost and 35% phys/fire 
  resist above 70% cursed.
* Night Motherís Ring Ė 25% of physical damage to cursed damage.
* 4th Ring can be Castle Ring, Burnt Ring, Chromatic Ring, etc. Changes 
  based on the enemy.

* Punishment Cage: 50% less curse rot damage.
* Christmas Ghost Robe: 50% less curse rot damage.

* Flight & Perception Codex Ė No downsides since always running around at 
  full curse.
* Lantern Familiar Ė Can always have a shield even in dark areas.
* Nightingale Doll Ė Donít need to worry about looting anymore if it doesnít 
  bug out and get stuck. She also triggers traps and enemies sometimes 
  target her.
* Second Chance Brooch Ė Always have this.

Note: Having 100% less curse rot damage doesnít negate the damage, but makes 
it low enough that you can lifesteal way more than you take. Use Hearty Rolls 
to regen 1% health per second for a minute when traveling around areas that 
donít have enemies. Also Evasion Codex does not work at full curse.

Most enemies die pretty quick. Big enemies and bosses need curse rot to eat 
them, which triggers fairly fast. With the burdened book, you can still kill 
everything but definitely need to keep restocking Hearty Rolls and First Aid 
kits frequently to deal with the difficulty increase.
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