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Wishbound Desires Cheats

Wishbound Desires

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Tips and Tricks:
* The demo boss emphasizes on endurange. The best strategy to defeat 
  the demo boss is to collect as many cards as possible. With a large
  deck of around 25-30 cards, it is an ensured win.

* To quickly collect cards, focus on enemies that reward cards. For 
  example, if an enemy rewards a new card or draw 3 random card, then
  defeat it in a way that give new card. Also, summon as many new 
  cards as possible with green mana cards.

* The rare card that upgrade normal cards, and the legendary card that 
  exchange cards in hand for normal cards are very good at the begining. 
  For example, you can upgrade / exchange all 1 HP cards in hand to 2 HP 
  / 3 HP cards. This is a very fast way to build up a strong deck. At the
  end game, the rare card will run out of normal card to upgrade, use it 
  and the mana cards to pay for damage at end turn and keep the attack 

* After the second life, your deck should have 25-30 card. These should 
  be enough to kill at least 1 boss and injure another.

* Then, you can win in the third or forth life.

In the full game, each boss required different strategies to win. For 
example, there is a boss that does no damage but buffs all enemy attacks.
Then the player should quickly kill it before being overwhelmed.
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