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Winkeltje: The Little Shop Cheats

Winkeltje: The Little Shop

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Win even in the most difficult game option!:
Written by Banisha

This approach applies to all variants in which you have to pay off 
your debt.

-=The start=-
Start with a counter where you buy a shirt, a pair of clogs and three 
other products from this category. Buy five display tables and place your 
goods on them. Buy goods from the dealer or via the counter and invest 
in a display case and storage spaces. (Calculate that a cabinet with three 
shelves is cheaper than three separate tables, etc.)

-=The first specialization=-
Buy a spinning wheel as soon as it is unlocked and buy the raw materials 
for your clothes now and produce everything yourself.
By making - in this case - your clothes yourself, your skill is increased 
and the end product is of better quality. Buying better raw materials from 
the merchants helps with this too.
Remember that you have to make all products that belong to a category, 
because if you only sell wooden shoes, for example, because the wood was 
so cheap, people will walk out the door dissatisfied because you donít have 
any pants, shirt or shoes for them.

-=The second specialization=-
The best second specialization in my opinion is the kitchen. Besides apples 
and meat you can grow your own grain, potatoes and vegetables. Therefore, 
purchase it when it is unlocked.
Build some small gardens little by little and buy good quality seeds from 
the dealer.

-=Helpful Hints=-
1.Donít be rushed to buy expensive decorations right away, because you 
  canít serve the extra buyers that that generates anyway.
2.Do not be tempted to buy things other than those that are necessary for 
  your specialization.
3.Get a commission board Ė found under the last category of the stuff to buy. 
  It brings you nice deals and helps to acquire money.
4.Upgrade the display cases and walls. It costs a lot of money, but it gives 
  you points and extra storage space.

-=My end result=-
Win even in the most difficult game option!
I won with a store of 50 blocks, including storage and 7 display cases with 
3 shelves each. I also had 2 employees to refill the shelves.

I probably could have sold some storage cabinets, but I didnít need the money 
or the space. I have always, sometimes narrowly in the beginning, paid my debts.
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