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Wild West Dynasty Cheats

Wild West Dynasty

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Fix the Game Crash at Startup Error:
* Go to the folder:
* D:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Wild Western Dynasty\wwd_Data\
  Plugins\x86_64 architecture
* And remove the "lib_burst_generated" file.

P.S. Not the fact that it will help, but it helped me the game does not 
crash when you log in.

Tips to Get Clothes:
Written by pel_toplitz

* You need to get clothes with good heat protection.
* Wearing a hat also helps, as hats provide both: heat and cold protection.
* Also, staying in a house during the hottest hours around noon will help 
  as well.
* In Taxation, in one of the houses near Mama J., you’ll find a vendor where 
  you can buy clothes.
* If you walk (coming from Taxation) towards the elevator, right after you 
  cross the bridge, you’ll find some barrels and chests to your left. Look 
  there to find more clothes. If I remember correctly, there should be pants
  with pretty good heat protection, among other things.
* Follow the road leading out of Taxation towards the settler camp. Go past 
  the settlers’ camp and continue to strictly follow the road. After a few 
  hundred meters you will see a dilapidated house to the right of the road.
* Explore the world. Look in barrels, chests, etc. You can find useful and 
  less useful things pretty much everywhere – including clothes that 
  sometimes protect well and sometimes less well against heat or cold.
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