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Trimmer Tycoon Cheats

Trimmer Tycoon

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Addicted Achievement Guide:
Written by notkeebun

This achievement requires you to shave or trim 10k beards which 
sounds quite daunting.

Now you could do this all by hand and actually shave 10k beards, or 
you could follow this guide instead.

-=Directions + Tips=-
The game doesnít factor in how well you do when shaving a beard, so you 
can cut a beard as poorly as you want and it will still count.

Once you get a run successful enough to where you can AFK or idle and 
still be making money, then you can start rapidly trimming beards with 
one movement to rack up your beards shaved. It will still take awhile, 
but wonít take nearly as long as actually trimming 10k beards.

You can also do this while just watching Youtube or something else. Do 
not do too many though as you might start taking away too many customers 
to stay profitable.

Also avoid doing it to high paying customers like VIPís, who are generally 
marked by having a yellow or green circle around them.

How 2 Get Good:
Written by jexrutin

-=What To Do=-
1. Press leftclick
2. Colour the beard right
3. Serve beard people quick
4. The colour is the most important part
5. Make the shape look a bit like what the client wants but seriously nobody 
   cares to be honest
6. Get profit
7. Achievements
8. Take some brakes if you think you're gonna run out of money
9. Grow your e m p i r e

If you still didn't get it, just think it's your boy Hershel you're giving a shave
Never Forgetti Wednesday Spaghetti
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