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Town of Sins Cheats

Town of Sins

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Useful Tips for New Players:
-= Start =-
Make combos, make combos, make combos. This is your main goal and the way 
to win the fights, try to pick carefully the first card you place, if you 
survive the first round then your chances of wining increase by a lot.

-= Fusion =-
Do not make combos on random, save your bucks, go to each card and look 
at combos – and try to find the ones that, as a result, of the fusion give.
This are ones of the best skills you can get /have, in my opinion, tho every 
skill has his role good or bad, used in the correct situation.

-= Adventure =-
Try to complete 5-1 and farm that it since it gives the same Viagra as map 
10 with only less bucks. Farming the -1 of each map is easier then -3 and 
gives the same reward.

-= Deck =-
* Focus on getting epic cards up, you get some from adventure, some from 15k 
  chest and also from events.
* Use 20 card deck to be sure to get better chances at the cards that you want
  to play and combine.
* Try to have a deck combined of character cards and item cards (60/40 if 
  possible), to always get a chance of making a combo.
* If you do not have enough epic cards try to have some rare item cards that 
  you can fuse with the epic ones, since rare are not that strong you can use
  to fuse to get that Marijuana skill and other skills that will help you when
  fusing cards.
* Some good rare cards, i have see in the combos listed are Diamond Ring and 
  Trainer, and also Ice Cream and Nurse, also if you have done some maps Lisa 
  is a good card to have.

Here is a idea for a beginner deck based on the cards that you can get from 
chests and maps without spending $. Of course the Event may throw your way 
some different better epic / legendary cards that can swap some of the ones you got.

-=Rare – lvl up to 10-20=-
* Diamond Ring
* Trainer
* Lisa

-=Epic – lvl up to – 20=-
* Thinker
* Proctologist
* Vamp lady
* Officer
* Secretary

-=Legendary – lvl 7 and up=-
* Rider – free card from daily log in.

(Do not forget to log in, ever, even if you can’t play, find a way to log in takes 
1 second to get into the game and get that reward) other you may get from events / 
packs that might have the skills that i said about in the beginning

Do not use common cards in your deck or upgrade them. Best to recycle them for 
Viagra, you will get a enough rare ones. Feel free to use as many dupes as you can 
afford in your pack to get to 20, before fusing and getting a new card in your deck. 
Best is to upgrade to max then after fuse them when you have another card to add to 
you deck or you can max that card. So feel free to have more then 1 diamond rings, 
thinker is actually recommended since rare cards do not cost so much Viagra as epic 
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