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Throne of Bone Cheats

Throne of Bone

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

The Lesser Demon Tips:
You kinda just need one really big boi, or a build that scales up 
damage? Those fights are always rough, but typically you wonít 
lose all your backline lynchpin minions until the fights basically 
already won.

Iíve tried a few Reaper builds though that didnít directly scale 
health, and itís almost impossible to get past them.

Doing a non-reaper racial build with a ton of shields and things 
on your units normally means you can brute force it without too much 
trouble though.

Once you figure out the key to success is stacking the faction 
bonuses by comboing units and keeping early units on the board for 
a long time to stack the plethora of ways to permanently increases 
minion stats instead of constantly replacing them like you would in 
a typical drafting game, the game actually isnít very difficult.

Overpowered Comp:
This must be genuinely the absolute most overpowered comp that is 
possible (with some minor tweaks of course).

It has standalone decent units, it has scaling in the battle, it has 
shields, it has poison and backline acces. More importantly, it 
literally cannot be countered, the flame that blasts AoE just triggers
all shields and thus coats everything in massive poison. Shieled reset
counters the poison plants and the combination of that counters the 
demons that make you attack your own units regardless of who they attack.

This is it. This is the absolute peak of comps.

Note: The important runes/items are that all units related to the 1st 
stored slot get a shield. Spell that resets shields when removed and 
spell that applies poison to all enemies when shields are triggered.
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