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Three Kingdoms Zhao Yun Cheats

Three Kingdoms Zhao Yun

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Eight Trigrams Furnace Recipes:
Written by ETime Studio

-=Recipe one=-
Level 40 Heart Guard Tigerhide Cuirass + Jade Lion Tally + Qing Long Reversed 
Scale + Phoenix feather = Blood Spirit Jade Lion Armor.

-=Recipe two=-
Level 40 Rend Tigerhide Wristguards + Jinshi talisman + Phoenix Feather + 
Xuan Wus Carapace = Jinshi Tunyu arm armor.

-=Recipe three=-
-=Level 40 Thunder Flame Bow + Blazing Fire Seal One + Zhu Ques Plume + 
Arcane Amethyst = Bow of Zhu Que.

Summarized the formula of the Bagua furnace, that is:
* (Red / orange) Weapons + level 1 Intricate Seal + 2-3 high-level materials.
* (Red / orange) Armor + tally + materials + Phoenix Feather.
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