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Thorne - Death Merchants Cheats

Thorne - Death Merchants

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Achievement Guide:
Written by Salty Selkies

-=Kicking Ray’s Ass=-
Go to your camp and find it was raided. Fight off the thief and learn 
the name of the gang that dared to steal from you. Head up north and 
find the gangs camp. You will need to fight the goons and make sure to 
doge Ray’s bombs. Once the goons are dead you can grab the molotov 
cocktails from the crate on the left and throw them at the hay to smoke 
out Ray. Then fight it out with Ray. Once you defeat Ray you get the 

-=Day 1=-
Note doing McArthur the Fool quest first means you can miss all the others. 
Recommend talking to Miriam to start the quest then doing everything else 
first.There is no order you have to do these quest but the wolf should be 
collected first.

-=McArthur the Fool=-
Go speak to Miriam and get this quest started. You will need to leave town 
at the upper right section of the map. Find McArthur house on the right 
side of the map. Once you enter McArthur’s house go up the stairs and enter 
the room behind the statue that attacks you. Get through the Kitchen to the 
Store Room to find the Shaped Opal. Head back to the Kitchen and go into 
the top right door this takes you to the Dining Hall. Go through the Dinning 
Hall into the Wine Celler and find the Polished Ruby. Head back to the 
second floor and go into the room on the right. Pull on the golden rope 
hanging on the wall and head into the hidden room. In here you will find 
Key Fragments hidden in a jug. Go upstairs and find the gargoyle statue and 
interact with it. Go ahead and put the stones in the angels behind the 
gargoyle. Head into the door between the angels to find the Garden. You will
need to head to the top of the garden to find a Key Fragment hidden in 
another jug. Go back inside and go up the stairs on the right into the 
Balcony and find a clue hidden behind the trees at the bottom of the map. 
Go to the stairs on the left and head into the Master Bedroom. Look around 
for the last Key Fragment. Head to the locked door between two book shelves. 
In the Study search the bookcases to find to way into Workshop. One cut-
scene later and you have your achievement.

-=Love Hurts=-
After speaking to Miriam head to the bottom left section of town where you 
will see a argument between Layla and Idegert. Go into the house Layla went 
in to speak to her. After speaking to her you get the achievement.

-=The Scent of Coin=-
Leaving the town heading to the upper right section where McArthur home is.
Right before you get to McArthur house go straight up. The wolf will be up 
at the very top at that section. You will heal and name it. Then go to 
McArthur house and summon the wolf outside of the house. Order it to search 
it may take a few times but it will find 100 coins and then you get the 

-=Ghost Buster=-
Head to Howling Woods, leaving town at the upper right section of the map, 
and look for corpse of a dead woman. You will find a mysterious amulet. 
Then go to Simeone`s Cave in Cursed Shores. After talking with her you 
will find out the woman died from the cursed amulet. The curse can be 
removed by putting on the amulet and beating the phantom. Once you bust 
that ghost you unlock achievement.

-=Goblin Pesticide=-
Go to the bottom left side of town and head into cursed shores. Find the 
witch at Simeone’s Cave at the beach shores and get a goblin hunting quest 
from her. The goblins cave is to the left of the map. Go inside the cave 
to fight them, you will need to use your molotov cocktails to burn down 
parts of the cave to kill them all. When you destroyed all of them the 
achievement will be unlocked. Do not forget return to the witch for prize 
of 150 coins.

-=Hidden in the Sand=-
Go to the bottom left side of town and head into cursed shores. Right 
outside Simeone`s Cave summon your wolf to search it may take a few times. 
It will find the ring and you will get the achievement.

-=Faida’s Cry=-
At cursed shores go down to the beach and follow it as far as you can to 
the left. Then head up to find Faida once you finish the cut-scene with 
her you get the achievement.

-=The Savior=-
Head to Peasant Road on the right side of town right above where you go 
to Cursed Shores. You will find soldier named Olav was been bitten by a 
deadly snake. Head back to town and find Tully the stall keeper in the 
center of town. He will tell you the essential herbs you need to cure 
Olav can only be found at Moon Hills. You will need to go the to top 
left section of town to enter Moon Hills and collect 4 sets of herbs 
Blossom Weed. Picture below to show the plant. Then head back to Tully
who will prepare the antidote. With antidote return to Olav and heal him 
and the achievement will unlock.

-=Kicking Ray’s Ass, Again=-
Go right out of town to Hornhold, you can get there through Peasant Road, 
and talk to Jahen. Jahen is the pacing soldier on the right, he will give 
you a guest to save his friends from Ray. Head back to Peasant Road and 
search the woods until you find a group of thugs. You will learn that the 
kidnapped soldiers are at the bandits hideout in the Howling Woods. At 
Howling Woods head straight up you will need to fight a pack of wolves 
and one thug. After killing the thug turn left at the trees to find the 
gang hideout. Then you kill the bandits, free the soldiers, and get the 

-=Meet the Lycan=-
Head to Hollow Lake with McArthur and watch the cut-scene. End of day 1.

-=Day 2=-
-=Layla’s Dilemma=-
After the werewolf cut-scene head down to the lake below Eldyn`s House. 
There you will meet Layla. After talking with her the achievement will 
be unlocked.

-=Rescuing Matthias=-
Leave town heading left to get to Peasant`s Road there you will Matthias 
being attacked by bandits. Fight them off and get your achievement.

-=This Stinks of Dead Man=-
At Fire Isle you will find the body of dead pirate. Summon your wold and 
search the area. Find your loot and get the achievement.

-=Wyvern Slayer=-
At Fire Isle when you find all the missing pieces to the light house head 
up with McArthur. You will be attacked by two Wyverns you can attack when 
they fly over you and use the two crossbows on the sides to fight prep and 
launch when they are in range. Once dead you get your achievement.

-=Taking the Fall=-
Head back to town and watch the cut-scene. Then run to Peasant Road at the 
right. Keep going to avoid the soldiers and fight off the ones you have to. 
Last cut-scene at the end of the road.

All you have to do is watch the cut-scene.

Before leaving Hornhold go to the soldier guiding the pass in the upper 
left section. He will give you a quest to evict a witch. Heading up you 
will find a lot of snakes and the witches cave at the very top. In there 
you find No witch but a spectral necklace which we will need for later. 
Leave the cave and prepare to fight the granddaddy of all snakes. Once 
that is done go talk to the soldier and get your achievement.

-=Crow vs Wolf=-
Head back to town and watch the cut-scene.

-=Abyss Mermaid=-
Head to Cursed Shores and go all the way to the right then up. You will 
need to put on the spectral necklace before going into the area. Fight 
the mermaid and get your achievement.

-=Eldyn’s Lament=-
Head to Eldyn`s House to find Eldyn missing. Then head to Howling woods 
where the dead woman body was and find him there.

-=Death Merchant=-
After defeating the werewolf watch the cut-scene and thats it game over.
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