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The Settlers: New Allies Cheats

The Settlers: New Allies

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Counter Walls of Towers:
Written by Titus

When you’re attacking a towers in general send some scouts (5 or so, if no 
scouts send archers) as fodder to activate the towers special (which it will
always deploy when you get near it by default unless you’ve turned auto cast
off and manually activate it).

* You’ll lose a few units but the towers will be easier to take out.
* Make sure all of them have their special depleted then send in your army. 
  Split them up into groups to take out each towers.
* With enough units on I each one they’ll fall fairly easy.
* Alternatively the order of brunn building has siege units designed to take 
  out buildings a lot faster.
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