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The Last Flame Cheats

The Last Flame

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Useful Tips for Beating Passive Frenzy Challenge:
I did it going all-in on shielding. Rose (as always) as the main support, 
grab the Origin that converts overheal into Shield, then grab every hero 
that synergises really well with Shielding and fish for items that convert
shielding into damage.

You can also grab Elios as the secondary tank for that nice defense buff. 
I usually default to Nalua as my primary carry she she fits into everything, 
but sheíll really only be there to carry you early and middway while you get 
your comp ready.

Azar can really crank out a lot of damage in this comp so you can go double 
carry + double tank + Rose. Alternatively, you can go single carry & convert 
Rose into a double threat with good items and play Jalen as a secondary 

Thereís a lot of flexibility with the comp but the must-haves are Giachi (will 
eventually become your main carry probably if you get the right items; had 
him doing like 20k dps at the last boss) + Rose, while everything else depends 
on your luck.

Zogg isnít bad either but he wonít really scale that well in the comp toward 
the late game; Blake also can fit into the single carry comps well and you 
can even make it work with Kris as a secondary support.

Items are far more important than heroes here as without them your damage will 
fall off a cliff. So: Giachi + Rose + Zogg + Nalua + Elios/Jalen/even Elso 
isnít bad because of his default passive. It takes a while to ramp up but 
itís a safe bet if you can get the few proper items and heroes.

Levelling Tips:
Doing a balanced comp (as in having one of each, magical, physical, tank etc) 
isnít necessarily good. Depending on what relics and origins you get it might 
be better to go all in on one thing (ie. crit, spell power, attack power, 
shielding, whatever).

From my experience having beaten last difficulty a few times now, the base 
should be to have at least two characters capable of being in front. Doesnít 
have to be what the game says is a tank (because lots of them are not actually 
good tanks lol), some non-tank characters are amazing at tanking like the pirate 
lady because she heals a lot and being in the front will mean she uses her 
ability a lot. But pretty much any character with a few defensive items can be 
a front liner at the start. Always ensure you place them so they have the maximum 
aggros on the round startup.

On higher levels of difficulty you definitely need a strategy for simply surviving.
 It can be being Extremely powerful and just wiping the map in an instant (almost 
impossible), or having a good healer or a mean to generate shields. It doesnít 
have to be healing all your team or shielding all your team but at least your front 
liners so your damage dishers have a time to ramp-up and do their job.

At the start of the run try to get a bit of defense and a bit of offense before 
hard focusing one thing. Those few +Max HP and those few bits of Spell Power or 
Attack Powers actually go a long way at the start. Also, I would advice getting a 
camp as soon as possible. Origins are VERY powerful and can easily define your 
whole run. I had a run where the Origin was giving my whole team 225 defense, and 
another where everyone in my team got +300 Spell Power. It can get very crazy.

Aside from that, it still boils down to being lucky to what you get and making 
the best out of it, which will naturally come with game knowledge. Also, I would 
suggest trying everything, even things that look bad on paper. Some heroes are 
absolutely *** crazy when properly built while just reading their abilities they 
feel really lack luster.

Tips for Challengers:
Written by jpm0511

Ive gotten ultimate victories on flame master with a variety of very different 

Right now im getting to act 4 about 70% of runs but i think i can do better 
with practice.

* Have a main tank and an offtank, and maybe a 3rd character who is at least 
  not squishy.
* Have at least one good aoe dps and one good single target, they can be the 
  same hero with the right items.
* You need a good healing source, it can be a character, an origin or items.
* Try to have as many supports as possible that scale your main damage dealers.
* Heroes can fill multiple roles, your tank can do good damage, your dps can 
  heal etc.
* If you dont get what youre looking for in the first 5 hold your trophies 
  and take star fights/shops to fish for more synergistic characters, dont 
  commit to leveling heroes until you really need to, you can beat the hands 
  with level 2-3 * characters if your items and relics are good

* Get your first fire asap for origin, be ready to reroll one that fits your 
  team, enchants and resting are less important.
* From there its about getting as many relics as possible.
* Fight as many elites as possible.
* If you get the relics that give you relics at shops/fires prioritize those.
* Events are mostly not that great unless you have the relic that gives you 
  trophies for entering them.
* Try to get your fragments as early as possible for more pathing freedom/less 
  risk later.
* Resource stacking relics change your pathing priorities, gold stacking relics 
  make shops bad, trophy stacking relics make fights better.
* Options are good, try to leave the opportunity to change course depending on 
  what you need, maybe you didnt get a good origin, maybe you need an heirloom 
  for the legendary recipe that just dropped, maybe youre low on flame and just 
  dont want to die etc
-=Reward Selection=-
* Smash that reroll button, flame is a resource, i routinely spend 100+ flame 
  a run on rerolls.
* Legendaries especially dont be afraid to burn 30 flame to get something that 
  fits your team.
* As long as you have enough flame to survive a wipe be aggressive with rerolls, 
  if you sit on full flame you are losing value from flame restoration sources, 
  if your flame is overhealing you arent using it aggressively enough
* The key to winning on max difficulty is multiplicative damage scaling.
* Physical teams like attack damage, crit and attack speed.
* Spell teams like frost, spell power and mana regen.
* Ethereal teams like amp, magic steal and attack speed.
* Stun heavy teams like shock, mana regen and attack speed.
* For summon or surge teams just look for the words summon/surge.
* For defensive teams you need origin + items that convert max hp/defense into 

* Be aware of your heroes targeting, focus priority targets or split damage as 
  needed, dont spam aoe in the middle of empty space.
* Know ranged vs melee enemies so you can predict where your heroes and the 
  enemies will end up so you can position your damage/healing/buffs appropriately.
* Be aware of enemy targeting like furthest hero, split damage, lowest hp etc.
* There are some fights where even a gigatank cant survive all the aggro, split 
  it up appopriately.
* Dont get your heroes killed just for a hextile buff.
* Generally its good to keep your team close together unless the fight punishes 
  you for it or you have a specific hero that likes to be alone.
* Hope this helps good luck out there.
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