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Territory Idle Cheats

Territory Idle

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Basic Strategies:
Written by Khornite

Basic tips and tricks on progressing in the early stages of the game.

-=How to Advance Through the Early Game Stages=-
At the start of the game you dont have a whole lot to work with, spam 
wheat fields and buy workers like you would in any other idle game. 
Resetting comes early in this game (availaible once you have built on 
every tile) and is important to advance with the game, for every 10 yield 
in resources you produce you will gain 1 gold on reset, gold yield is 
rounded down so aim for multiples of 10. Your aim here should be to buy 
additional tiles until the next one costs 100 gold.

At this point it makes sense to evaluate the value of the 4 basic 
structures: wheat fields, forest camps, farms and quarries.

The wheat fields and farms have a special interaction as farms increase the 
wheat fields worker yield by 1 for each worker in the farm. Since all 
buildings require wheat to increase their worker count you will need a 
combination of both as the base of your economy and as your primary source 
of gold at this point.

The forest camp is your source of wood, but requires purchasing 500 wood 
(10 gold) to set up after each reset. The only real use for this is getting 
access to farms and quarries, so 1 or 2 should be as far as you go buying 
these, they do feature cheap and fast recruitment upto about 40 workers so 
they can function as a gold source on fast resets early in the game to hit 
your first 100 gold.

Quarries are the way to unlock the next 4 buildings in the game and thus 
function as the first larger bottleneck in the game. 25 000 wheat is 
required for the first worker so rushing wood production is not advised 
here, since even the most basic tier 2 building requires 5000 stone and 
further investment of wheat. While essential for unlocking later buildings 
more than 1 or 2 would be a waste since space is limited and the yield can 
be improved significantly through schools later.

The progression here would be to use wheat fields to gain 10 gold, then 
build 1 or 2 wheat fields and buy 500 wood to build your first lumber camp 
and fill up your tiles with lumber camps which you level as far as possible 
before abdicating. Repeat this until you have unlocked your next tile for 
100 gold and saved up at least another 10 gold. Then only build 1 lumber 
camp and switch to building a mix of farms and wheat fields. This way you 
should be able to generate gold rather quickly and gain 1000 gold for the 
next tile and with a bit of patience 10 000 for the one after that. 

-=Tier 2 Buildings=-
Once you have a bit of gold ( 720 gold at least for the next step) saved 
up and gained access to 7 or 8 tiles it is time to step into the higher 
tiers of buildings. After building the quarry we gain access to 4 new 
buildings: The temple, the school, the academy and the cathedral. Only the 
temple is necessary for our plans at this point but i will explain a bit 
about the buildings. 

The temple grants access to a fourth resource: Faith. This resource can be 
used on temporary rituals for various bonuses or to unlock pantheons and 
religions, for additional bonuses. 

The school works almost identical to the farm except for the much higher 
price of 100 000 wheat, wood and stone, the big advantage here is that the 
improved yield is not just wheat fields but also lumber camps and quarries, 
which is the only way to improve stone yields enough to buy the higher 
leveled buildings of this tier. 

The academy is your new way to unlock new tiles, by hiring heroes to fight 
monsters and capturing tiles, this takes some time since heroes cost 5 
million wheat each and can only kill about 6-7 monsters without improvements 
(100 monster kills to gain the first tile) each academy can only capture 1 
tile per reset and their cost scales per academy, so keep that in mind. 

The cathedral is similar to the farm and school, but improves the yield of 
temples instead, while also providing access to relics. While it is 
impractical to unlock many of the relics without this building, it is possible 
to do so with the right strategy, which will be covered later in this guide.

-=Faith, Pantheons and Religion
After building your first temple you will start accumulating faith, which 
grants you access to rituals and pantheons and eventually a religion and relics. 

Rituals are an active way to improve some of your yields, recruit monks or 
automate/improve hiring. You can have all ritual effects active at the same 
time, but the ritual price will increase accordingly. The price of rituals 
also imrpoves with each use, so it is best to have all desired effects 
active at once instead of constantly switching. I personally always include 
the effect that grants free monks every 15 seconds since it can offset the 
scaling faith cost of rituals. An important thing to know about rituals is 
that each completed ritual increases the gold yield when abdicating by 10%, 
which adds up rather quickly. Each active effect also improves the base 
ritual time of 30 seconds by 5 seconds (35 minimum since at least one effect
 has to be selected), so less effects are better if you just want to improve 
your gold yield. 

Pantheons all require you to pay an amount of faith to unlock and are required 
for picking a religion. The options are many but for the start there are two 
that will benefit us the most: Goddess of Nature and Sacred Path. These will 
help us generate even more faith and enable us to unlock a religion without 
too much effort.

Upon picking your first pantheon you will notice the option to turn it into your 
heritage for 500 gold, this will unlock it at the start of all future playthroughs 
and enable you to pick two pantheons at once. Sacred Path is my personal favorite 
for a heritage since it improves your faith gain by 5 per monk and is hard to 
unlock, you will most likely have to declare Goddess of Nature as your first 
heritage and then switch to Sacred Path on another playthrough since the 2 
million faith cost will take a longer time to obtain with no improvement to 
faith gain than grinding 500 gold. Anyways get both in any order your like, 
your goal is the nature religion. 

This religion works well with the Goddess of Nature pantheon since both require 
forests and temples. Get a good mix of both and invest into the first two 
abilities of the religion. This will improve both your faith per monk gain and 
vastly improve the yield of forests. The most important part here however is 
the improved ritual strength. With this ability you can add around 4-5 monks 
every 15 seconds to all your temples while the ritual is active. This makes it 
very easy to have more than 1000 monks per temple with each producing around 
20 faith. This enables us to obtain enough faith to snatch all the basic 
relics as well as the forest one with minimal time investment, as a nice side 
effect the rituals and improved yields of forest tiles will add up to a rather 
nice gold bonus when you next abdicate.
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