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TerraTech Worlds Cheats

TerraTech Worlds

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Tips and Tricks:
* Iron, copper, aluminum are found in the regular forest.
* Sodium and chlorine are obtained from blue ore along the banks 
  of the reservoirs.
* Gold and silicon are extracted from quartz found in normal and 
  contaminated forests.
* Niobium and tantalum are found in small deposits in contaminated
* Infected forest can be found if you go to the NW, snowy biome – 
  to the N.

* Get used to your helplessness (at least for the first 10 hours), 
  you can be shot by any car with 1 gun.
* In a fight with stronger opponents, try to chase them on blocks to 
  get stuck, or shoot and run (opponents almost can’t be fixed, but 
  the player can).
* A captured enemy base (after destroying the hologram marker) can be 
  safely dismantled and transferred to itself.
* For some time, the main weapon will be a laser, which can easily 
  destroy enemy weapons and render him helpless.
* Even with 2 lasers without batteries, you can rivet a car from 1 
  frame (the reactor does not allow for more weight) to occupy complex 
  enemy bases that contain large amounts of resources to be pumped 
  (resources are in the warehouses)
* Explosive flowers (which will be pushed away if you drive up to them) 
  can be activated with a laser shot and safely driven past. Breaking 
  these flowers will give you carbon x1 and lithium x1.
* Do not hit blocks, trees, etc. at SPEED. Machine parts fall off very
  easily even at not very high speeds.
* For the lightning rod to work, it must be activated manually with 
  the right mouse button (protects against lightning and electric trees.
* In the early stages, when you do not have enough power at the base 
  to run 1 station (for example, a garbage generator), install another
  carbon generator to double the allowable load.

-=Working Stations
* There is a recycler to break down the blocks into components and 
  there is a shredder that more efficiently processes the ore that 
  can be beamed into it.
* New layouts of booths, blocks, etc. for the processors can be 
  obtained by completing tasks. Many plans are given for questing 
  to kill enemies.

How to prohibit AI machines from spawning:
Written by DF

One simple trick will create almost-peaceful environment.

* Navigate to game folder
* Navigate to TT2 folder
* Delete or rename "TechSnapshots" folder
* Done

Guide to Get Custom Starting Tech:
Written by DF

-=How to change initial tech=-
* Head to TTW installation folder
* Head to TT2\TechSnapshots
* Replace both InitialTech.te?h and InitialTech.png files with a custom ones
* You must set the same name for both files, which must be “InitialTech” 
  (This is a requirement)

-=Where to get custom techs=-
We have 3 main “sources”:
* In-game AI techs from “TerraTech Worlds\TT2\TechSnapshots_Factions” folder
* Workshop (First subscribe, then you will find it in 
* Internet (be safe)

No Phosphorus Bug:
You are on Launch Pad mission RA7 and it wants 25 phosphorus. 
No idea where to find it.

-=The Solution=-
* Go to:
  steamapps/common/TerraTech Worlds Demo/TT2/Content/JsonData/DT_Tasks_Alpha_03.txt
* And edit the line 498 where at the end it says: 
  25, edit that to a 0 and launch the game.
* Now you can just press launch and you will have the mission cleared.
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