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Tears of Adria Cheats

Tears of Adria

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Fire Mage Tips:
Written by Kngrichard

I do love fire mages. There is some targeting they do to hit more enemies 
and as little of yours as possible, not sure how it gets determined but 
it does do some targeting.

-=Tips to make them work=-
* Pick fire res aura.
* Donít be a wuss pick fireball power.
* Split apart your front line.
* Donít be a wuss pick fireball speed.
* Get archer instead of melee henchman, some beefy heroís are all the 
  front line you need when running mages.
* Donít be a wuss stack fire magic.
* Get heals and hp regen.

As long as your heroes donít get one shot, you should be good. I never 
get tired of just blasting all the dark iron dwarfs with 1 or 2 fireballs.
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