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Tape to Tape Cheats

Tape to Tape

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Campaign Tips and Tricks Guide:
Written by VADO

Tips, Tricks and Strategies for campaign mode.

Take Dash.

Dash is especially good against the 1st boss Referees during facesoffs. 
Activate Dash once the puck is dropped to intercept or steal the puck. 
Also, check often after puckdrop when Dash is active since you will 
have a speed advantage.

I would advise against buying Skills and new Superstars from the 
Blademaster shop early on. The more Skills/Superstars you buy the less 
chance you will get the Skill/Superstar you want at the start of a run. 
Initially you should save up your Rubbers to build up Angus McShaggy, 
making him a bit more adequate. Ideally, I would upgrade Angus' stats 
to lvl6 in all categories. After that I would stop because the 
conversion rate becomes 45 Rubbers for 1 stat point.

For starters take Rory McShaggy.

Rory has balanced stats, he can play both offense and defense well. 
His special ability Tomawhawk (throwing his stick to knock down player) 
pairs very well with Triple Twig trait if you come across Triple Twig 
during a run grab it and put it on Rory, use it generously. Once you've 
unlocked other Superstars Rory becomes obsolete but he is the best 
starting one in my opinion because he doesn't do anything bad.

Calvin Dord is a sniper but quite slow, can't check or play defense well.
 His Yo-Yo ability is nice for dekes and creative shot making but one of 
the weaker abilities overall. Kelly Jelly while very fast and great at 
playmaking has mediocre shot accuracy, terrible shot power and poor 
checking. Her speed allows her to play better defense than Calvin Dord. 
She has a solid ability in Spin-O-rama that makes her immune to contact 
and poke checks, also you can use it as a dekeing tool as well as a 
defensive tool to intercept passes and steal/disrupt opposing puck 

Of the starters Rory is the best but Kelly Jelly is the most fun, you 
can immediately fly around the ice, beating everyone else to the puck 
weaving through the defense and make plays but she needs some stats & 
offensive traits to become useful as a goal scorer.

Gain a random ability is pretty bad especially if you have an existing 
ability you've already built around because random ability trait will 
replace it.

Passive Talents are much better on bench warmers than active Abilities, 
I would always put active Abilities on your Superstars.

Headshot Redirect is piss poor as it knocks down your teammate, sometimes 
it can work on opponents buts its inconsistent in that regard and requires 
you to shoot the puck anyway which IMO is a waste of a shot. You're way 
better off with other abilities while taking shots on net and redirecting 
normally with your allies stick. I would only take Headshot Redirect if 
you are trying to get the achievement.

How to Enable Correct Music:
Written by woodwood

This incredible game currently ships with incorrect music -- this guide 
will show you how to enable correct music.

-=Disable Existing Music=-
Go into Settings -> Audio, and turn Music Volume to zero.

-=Enable Correct Music=-
Minimize your game and open up a web browser. Navigate to Using 
the search bar, search for "Infest the Rats' Nest." You are looking for the 
album by King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard. The cover art features what looks
like a gold spray-painted skull. Click the correct album in the search results.
* Click the "play" icon to start playback. 
* Return to "Tape to Tape" and resume playing.
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