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Surviving the Abyss Cheats

Surviving the Abyss

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Basic tips to not suck:
Writen By feedthemanmuffinz

I noticed a lot of review posts about how unfair this game is but 
after finding out these few tips I went from regularly restarting 
to having no issues progressing and even bending the game over.

-=Basic Tips=-
1.You can collect resources a good bit out of the light. 
  Make sure you do that.
2.Don't know where they are? Use a radar, find everything in its radius 
  and then turn it off

Doing step 1 and 2 should ensure a large supply of resources.

3.Outposts are OP. Use them. They provide free power and free oxygen. 
  Might be a bug, but you can run the power line into your main grid 
  through the dark even.

Steps 1-3 will ensure the game becomes piss easy. 
However I figured I should add some additional tips.

4.Skip protein harvester and go straight for Molecular Protein Lab
5.Use the Mess Hall (can only service up to 8 people each) to counteract 
6.Rate Per Day Attachment Module should be one of your first research 
7.Use expeditions to set up those broken outposts and to check out 
  points of interest
8.Expeditions drop flairs. Make sure to prioritize resource pickups in 
  these areas as they will be unavailable when the flairs burn out
9.Storage is communal. While your mining vessels will pick up and drop 
  off resources at the those material storage depots (like the one you 
  start with) you can make more spread across the map to cut down on 
  collection times
10.Focus on research that boosts oxygen output or energy output. This 
  means more efficient buildings and more room for experimentation.

If you guys like these tips let me know and I can expand this list. 
Tips 1-3 should take you from constantly failing to not sucking. 
Hope this helps.
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