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Stellar Age: MMO Strategy Cheats

Stellar Age: MMO Strategy

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Tips & Tricks:
* At the beginning of the game, focus on the quests.
* Go to items tab, head to my items and claim newbie rewards; resources, 
 speed-up boosters, and more.
* Upgrade the production buildings to increase the production rate+power.
* Upgrade your bunker and keep the resources safe & secure+power.
* Research [Science Book -> Tech] and unlock free boosters, items, units.
* Set-up defense by building the cyber plant.
* Before you attack enemy planet; spy and check its power.
* Upgrade spaceport and unlock new powerful spaceships.
* Upgrade mission control center and you will be able to send more spaceships 
  for the attack.
* Warp & repair spaceships after the attack.
* Keep upgrading & keep improving.

There are three resources featured in this game;

* Metal
* Polymers
* Antimatter

These resources are required to build more buildings and upgrade existed buildings 
on your planet.
Metal -> Metal produced at the ore mine and stored at the metal depot. You can 
increase the production rate of metal by upgrading ore mine and increase the capacity 
to keep more metal by upgrading the metal depot.

Polymers -> Polymer produced at the Polymer farm and stored at Polymer Depot. You can 
increase the Polymer production rate by upgrading the Polymer farm. And increase the 
storage capacity by upgrading Polymer Depot.

Antimatter -> Antimatter is one of the main resources in Stellar Age game. This item 
produced at Antimatter Generator building and stored at Antimatter Depot. Upgrade 
these buildings to produce more Antimatter and store more Antimatter.

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