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Solitude Underwater Cheats

Solitude Underwater

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Beat the Game:
Written by

A more or less detailed guide to Solitude Underwater, describing each 
part of the game and how to beat it.

-=The Boat=-
After entering the game, you start out on a boat as Zane, talking to 
Dominic using a Walkie Talkie.

You don’t really have to do anything to beat this part except wait, however, 
you do get achievements for f-ing around with the objects on the boat (shotgun, 
gold coins, etc.) and talking to Dominic 6 times (any more and he’ll scream at 
you to stop annoying him).

* The Cage has four sides (duh).
* The one with the O² canister right next to it and with the Gray Shark outside 
  is considered the “front” side.
* The one where the Green Shark lingers is considered the “left” side.
* The one you cut and escape from later is considered the “right” side.
* The one you push to reach the Cutter is considered the “back” side.

-=Pushing the Cage=-
Your objective is to get the Cage over to the Laser Cutter you lost when the 
Cage dropped to the ocean floor. You do this by:

* Pushing the back side of the Cage.
* Rattling the Cage when the Green Shark is attempting to get inside.
* Shining your phone’s flashlight at the Gray Shark periodically (there are sound 
  cues, but they sometimes seem to play randomly).
* Breathing from the O² canister in the Cage to… not drown.

The game is quite forgiving in this stage, so even if the Gray Shark isn’t there 
once or twice when you shine your flashlight in its direction, you shouldn’t 
immediately die.

Get into a rhythm of pushing and breathing from the canister. Tend to the Green 
Shark whenever you hear/see it by walking to the front-left corner of the Cage 
and spamming ‘E’.

Whenever you stop doing something and start doing something else, quickly tap ‘F’ 
twice in the direction of the Gray Shark. Don’t leave the flashlight on for any 
longer, you really don’t have the power for that (for this part, aim for 6% usage 
at max).

While you’re pushing, you’re faced with badly programmed DBD-esque skill checks. 
You lose some O² for every one you fail… which is maybe not as bad as the devs 
thought it’d be. To pass them, listen for the sound cue and get ready to very 
quickly tap and instantly release ‘Space’ when the needle passes over the 
highlighted areas. As mentioned, if you miss one or hold ‘Space’ for too long 
(because then, your press is counted as multiple inputs), you lose some O² and 
the skill check ends.

Warning! When you let go of ‘E’ to stop pushing at the same time you hear a 
skill check sound cue, the skill check still triggers, just like in DBD. If 
you mess it up on the way to the O² canister, for example, you could die two 
steps away from it. Try to breathe right after a skill check to avoid this.

-=Cutting yourself free from the Cage
Your objective is to escape from the Cage using the Laser Cutter you just 
reached. You do this by:

* Cutting the Cage in three parts at a specific location in the Cage.
* Rattling the Cage when the Green Shark is attempting to get inside.
* Shining your phone’s flashlight at the Gray Shark periodically 
  (there are sound cues, but they sometimes seem to play randomly).
* Breathing from the O² canister in the Cage to… not drown.

Basically, instructions are the same as before. Walk up to the front-right corner 
of the Cage and enter the Laser Cutter view. Now click and hold one of the red 
flame symbols to begin cutting that part of the Cage. The shark and breathing 
objectives remain unchanged (which is precisely why we saved half the phone 
battery for this part. If you don’t mess around, 4% should also be enough… just 

-=Ascent Info=-
Starting the ascent immediately when the sequence starts and not paying attention 
to the sharks, you die to the Gray Shark anywhere between the 10th and 16th time 
you hear Zane swim farther up.

Doing nothing but shining your flashlight in front of and behind you, you die 
to the Gray Shark after anywhere between 16 and 20 seconds.

You have exactly 60 seconds of air. Yes, amounts of a gas are measured in seconds.

To reach the surface, you have to hear the entirety of one of Zane’s upwards 
movements 30 times. You are left with around 5-10 seconds of air if you make no 
mistakes balancing fending off sharks and ascending.

-=The Ascent=-
Your objective is to ascend back to the surface while not dying to the sharks. 
You do this by:

* Holding ‘Space’ to swim upwards (in turn preventing you from shining your 
  flashlight or looking around).
* Looking behind you using ‘S’ and shining your flashlight at the Green Shark in 
  the center of the screen.
* Looking in front of you and shining your flashlight at the Gray Shark* (which 
  approaches from any side of the screen, rarely dead-center like the Green 
  Shark, however**).

* – The flashlight objectives are to be treated as if you had limited power, even 
    though you don’t. Unnecessarily shining your flashlight aggravates the sharks 
    in this part of the game, making them approach more frequently.
** – The Gray Shark almost always hides in one of the corners of your screen. Move 
    your mouse in a circle when trying to fend off the Gray Shark and make sure to 
    check every last inch of your screen.

Get into a rhythm of swimming upwards for 5 movement sounds’ worth of distance, then 
finding both sharks and scaring them off.

The Green Shark is again very passive, making it almost impossible to die to it. As 
mentioned, the Gray Shark hides anywhere on your screen, usually far from the center 
of your view, making it a far bigger threat.

Even if after 5 upwards movements you can only fend off the Green Shark, don’t go on. 
The Gray Shark may still be hiding somewhere or is just about to spawn.

Note: a little trick to make your life easier: having the flashlight on and tapping 
‘S’, then continuing your ascent (‘Space’), sometimes gets your flashlight stuck 
permanently on until you stop ascending and click again. Move your mouse to the top 
of your screen and move it left and right. If you’re lucky, you’ll get the usual 
screen effects of fending off a shark, meaning the Gray Shark was approaching from 
the top of your screen and the stuck-on flashlight happened to scare him off.

You now have the choice of risking it with the Green Shark and continuing for the
 usual 5 upwards movements or seeing if you can scare it away as well.

-=Swimming Back to the Boat=-
Your objective is to swim back to the Boat to Dominic after reaching the ocean 
surface. You do this by:

* Swimming towards the Boat by holding ‘W’ (and ‘Shift’ whenever possible).
* Dodging approaching sharks using ‘Q’ and ‘E’ appropriately.

Should be obvious, but stopping for too long gets you eaten without warning.

What’s not so obvious, even if you constantly swim, but aren’t holding ‘Shift’ 
whenever possible, you also get eaten without warning.

As you’re swimming, you will periodically hear sound cues to warn you of an 
approaching shark from the left or right. To not die to that shark, dodge in 
the opposite direction using ‘Q’ and ‘E’ appropriately.

If you just dodged a shark and have now depleted your stamina, just dodge back 
in the opposite direction. I don’t know if this actually does anything to help, 
but it felt like it did.

-=Multiple warnings=-
* There is a cooldown right after dodging. If you don’t feel very safe dodging 
  unnecessarily, just keep going and listen for the sound cues as usual and only 
  dodge when you have to.
* Never, ever, fully deplete your stamina. It stops regenerating for a while, 
  which almost guarantees your death.
* Don’t pause your game during this part. It feels like it’s not “fully” paused 
  sometimes and you die instantly  after unpausing, as if the shark had caught up 
  to you because you stopped swimming. If you have to leave or take a break, just 
  get killed. This part is only a minute or two long and redoing it won’t kill you. 
  The sharks’ll do that for you.

-=On the Boat - Info=-
Back on the Boat, Dominic turns the light off on you and ambushes you with the 
shotgun. After his long-overdue monolog, you have to play the most horrible minigame 
in the history of mankind.

Your objective is to not die to Dominic’s initial ambush. You do this by pressing 
‘E’ at the right time to dodge his shotgun blast. Just spam ‘E’ after interacting 
with the door and you’re done.

Your objective is to win the close-up struggle for the shotgun against Dominic. 
You do this by:

* Constantly spamming ‘Space’.
* Passing the same DBD-esque skill checks you were faced with while pushing the Cage, 
  except now with W, A and D, possibly all at once.
* Dodging Dominic’s punches using ‘Q’ and ‘E’ appropriately.

Here’s the big “but”. The entire minigame is is more or less a big Funny™.

You see, the joke is… if you’re able to spam ‘Space’ fast enough, nothing else of 
this minigame matters because you win solely based on how much you’re able to resist 
Dominic. Failing skill checks and not dodging his punches only set your progress 
back a small amount, they don’t prevent you from making progress.

Just based on that, I’d say use a tool such as Auto Key Clicker[] or 
program your own to spam ‘Space’ as fast as possible (if you’re using AKC, an interval 
of 10ms works perfectly).

You should still be wary of his punches, however, because the progress penalty incurred 
for not dodging one of them is rather big, actually.

If you’re a purist (or sadist, I dunno) and want to win this fair-and-square… well…

Learn to coordinate your left hand to passing up to three skill checks at once. 
There’s no “trick” to this, just keep practicing. On that note, the skill checks are 
the only place where you should be looking. Looking anywhere else will make you fail 

Recognize when and on which side Dominic is about to punch you and schedule pressing 
the appropriate button to dodge in your brain.

All while doing this, use your left thumb (very not recommended) or entire right hand 
to spam ‘Space’ as fast as you possibly can.

Then there’s the compromise: concentrate on dodging punches and spamming ‘Space’ 
yourself while ignoring skill checks. Technically viable, but almost impossible. The 
speed at which you need to spam ‘Space’ to counter all the progress you lose to failed 
skill checks is inhuman.

-=Dominic held at gunpoint=-

After winning the minigame, you’re holding the shotgun and aiming at Dominic. He’ll 
try to talk you out of shooting him. If you let him succeed, he will stab you and you 
lose anyway. For the love of all things holy, don’t do this. You’ll have to play the 
1.2 minigame again. All the way through.

Just press ‘Space’ while the game gives you the option to do so.

Then enter the cabin, turn on the lights and press ‘E’ again on the dashboard to end 
the game.
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