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Sokpop S10: WILD-9 Cheats

Sokpop S10: WILD-9

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Achievement Walkthrough:
Written by Tegiminis

The route is the same regardless of what you do. If you are aiming for 
10-minute clear, donít get the shotgun or any of the optional modules, 
but do get all scooters and the twin pistols. Note that youíll be getting 
all the parts in opposite order of finding out about them, because itís 
simply faster thanks to the speedy scooter.

* Crash!
* Talk to the guy immediately to the east to get the basic pistol.
* Go north before you overheat. Grab the coolant and kill the bandit.
  Use the nav marker.
* Go to the camp revealed by the marker (Camp X). Kill all enemies en-
  route until you have 50 credits.
* Talk to all NPCs in town, use all nav markers, and buy a scooter.
* Make sure to talk to the scout next to the watchtower and note the 
  coordinates he gives you for an optional module. There is one of these 
  guys at every camp. These modules arenít necessary to win and, in fact,
  will slow you down on the 10-minute route.
* Go to the red skull, kill everyone, use the nav marker to get the black 
  skull. Youíll be going there later.
* Go to the next camp (Camp Y). Kill enemies en-route until you have 275 
* Talk to NPCs (and watchtower scout), use markers, and buy the twin 
  pistols and chubby scooter.
* Go to the next camp (Camp Z). Kill enemies en-route until you have 100 
  credits (500 if you are going for all items).
* Talk to NPCs (and watchtower scout), buy fast scooter (and shotgun if  
  you can), and use markers.
* Go to the nest one of the NPCs told you about and clear it out.
  Use the marker to find the spiderbot queen.
* Go to the spiderbot queen and kill her for your first part.
* Go to just under Camp Y (y coord should be between 5000 and 6000) and 
  travel West until you find a guy also on the fast scooter. Kill him 
  for your second part.
  (Required for full clear, optional for 10-minute run) Go to each of the 
  coordinates you noted down from the watchtower scouts, kill all enemies 
  in each location, and get the modules (Shield, Hover, and Teleport).
* Go to the black skull marker and kill the bandit for your third part. 
  He will have Teleport and Shield. Spam fire at him with your pistols 
  whenever his shield is down to damage him and force his shield back up, 
  giving you breathing room. Recharge when his shield is up. Repeat until 
* Go to slightly west of your landing zone and kill the bandit for your 
  final part.
* Escape!
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