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Sniper Elite 5 Cheats

Sniper Elite 5

Submitted by: David K.

Unlock K98:
Written by Oscar von BJ
-=Easy way=-

1.Set the difficulty of mission 2 to Civilian for convenience.
2.Identify the target and disable the alarm then clear out the 
3.Pacify him NOT kill and carry to the chandelier, then, you know 
  what to do.
I know I know this is kinda stupid but after keep trying for one hour 
long for the perfect timing I found he always avoiding to running into
the smash zone, so, this is the easy way for now.

Invasion Tips for Allied Snipers:
Written by BritishRabbit

Quick tips for allied snipers to deal with invading sniper jaegers.

I find invasions pretty fun, it’s a real thrill to go up against a 
thinking opponent, however in particular I find being the Allied Sniper 
to be more of a thrill. Having to hunt down, and sometimes pick out the 
enemy sniper from the NPCs, then kill them before they find you while 
an army is at their disposal to be their eyes and ears.

-=Tip One - Focus Mode=-
L-ALT on the keyboard, unsure of what it is on the controller.

Focus mode will first and foremost, give you a direction indicator on 
your compass if a Jaeger has invaded. Flashing red it will give you a 
rough direction to focus your attention in. You can use that plus any 
other clues (or by seeing how the indicator moves as you move) to
 narrow down where the Jaeger is.

Once the Jaeger gets close, the indicator will surround your compass 
and flash.

Once close enough the Jaeger’s outline will be displayed in the same 
way NPCs will. Some Jaegers will try to mimic NPCs, check the outline 
of the weapon if you are unsure, NPCs rarely have funky, modified rifles. 
However being able to see their outline is an incredible advantage 
that the Jaeger does not have. You can use this to track their movements 
inside buildings or other tight quarters and ambush them as they round 
a corner. You can also use this to see them even if they are laying 
prone in grass.

-=Tip Two - Binocs First, Scope Second=-
I have had several kills as a Sniper Jaeger where the allied sniper 
was scouting for me or using his rifle carelessly and gave his location 
away with the scope glint. Much like the NPC snipers, your scope gives 
off this glint that is clearly visible to the Jaeger and will not only 
warn them you are aiming at them, it will give your position away. If 
you’re not about to end this startling revelation by shooting the Jaeger 
in the head, you’re in trouble.

So, when searching at longer ranges, use the binoculars, take care not 
to accidentally tag the Jaeger as it will warn them they have been 
tagged. Jaegers will rarely be so careless as to remain stationary if 
they get that notification. Once the Jaeger has been located, freely 
swap to your rifle and engage, unless they’re too far away to engage 
in this manner.

Some scopes specifically do not cause scope glint, as well I would 
assume that removing the scope entirely will also remove scope glint.

-=Tip Three - The Invasion Phone and the Camping Penalty=-
Invasion Phones - Do not, for the love of god, use one if you think 
the Jaeger is anywhere near you.

Several times I have ran up to the Allied Sniper and melee’d them as 
they were locked in the animation of using the phone because I could 
hear Karl asking about the Jaeger and realized immediately where the 
allied sniper is.

Secondly, the intel you get from phones is, while more exact than the 
indicator in focus mode, only going to be good for the thirty seconds 
it takes for the Jaeger to be somewhere else. Only use it if you’re 
certain the Jaeger is far away from you and you need to narrow down 
what general area they’ll be in.

Now, the Jaeger using the phone on you or getting the camping penalty, 
will give your rough position to the Jaeger. While this may seem like a 
bad thing it can also be a very good thing, if you relocate quickly and 
pay attention to the direction they’re in in focus mode, you can almost 
certainly ambush the Jaeger as they go to search where you were. I have 
taken out a couple of Jaegers just for them looking at where I was 
instead of where I am.

If you have gotten that camping penalty you -must- relocate, otherwise 
the next penalty will be that you’ve been tagged and it will be much 
harder to shake that.

-=Tip Four - Tall Grass and You=-
Crouching in tall grass is only good for the NPCs, a Jaeger and yourself 
will see enemies, including other players, crouched in the grass as clear 
as day.

However when prone you are nearly invisible, if you need to hide from 
NPCs and a Jaeger both, laying prone in grass and turning on focus mode 
to watch the enemies around you is the way to do it.

Focus Mode is also advantageous for being able to see Jaegers even when 
they are also prone in the grass, make use of this!

-=Tip Five - The NPCs=-
The Jaeger can tag NPCs and buff their awareness, when tagged (the buff 
tags them automatically) they will report all sightings of you to the 

This can work for you and against you, Jaegers setting up their 
information network sometimes stand still in daft places, if they do 
and you see it then you should be able to kill them there and then.

In addition the location they get from the NPCs is the same as the red/
yellow triangle displayed on your minimap. If you can break contact 
with the NPCs and get to a position overlooking that spot, you can ambush 
the Jaeger as they come to investigate.

-=Tip 6 - Laying an Ambush/Hiding=-
If a marker of any kind giving your position away has gone down or you 
have done anything to attract the Jaeger’s attention to a certain area, 
(Gunfire, objective completion, explosions), it is more than likely the 
Jaeger is on the way to try and turn you into sausage.

Ideally you will have moved away from where they are going but in a 
position to overlook it, what’s the ideal position?

Ideally it is somewhere that overlooks where the Jaeger’s attention will 
be, somewhere NPCs will not stumble upon you and ideally somewhere you 
are completely hidden. Weapon stocks can poke up above walls and as has 
been mentioned, you are not hidden if you are crouching in long grass.

Towers are to be avoided at all costs, the first place you look for a 
sniper is in a tower after all.

Somewhere dark is preferable as this will obscure you even further, a 
clump of bushes or a spot with vegetation/walls behind you is helpful as 
this stops you from being silhouetted by the horizon.

Most importantly when you are in your spot, do not get tunnel vision, 
regularly check focus mode and make sweeps with your binoculars for the 
Jaeger as they approach where you think they will be.

Keep in mind smart Jaegers will not run into the open and will likely 
pick a spot overlooking the point of interest as well.

Kill Challenges:
Written by Oswuld Leofric Vivadirr

Each mission with a kill has a challenge linked to it that comes with some 
form of reward here are the list of kill challenges.
-=Mission 1 - KIll Beckendorf with an explosion=- 
Just simply grab a grenade and throw it at him and boom job done
-=Mission 2 - Kill Kummler by using the chateau’s chandeliers=-
Here you want to be as quiet as possible and try not to alert any guards. 
Save often just in case and move to the room in question.
(they is a known bug with this one where kummler might not move at all try to
whistle or throw a bottle and he will move into place. also if it doesnt 
trigger the weapon for you try to shoot down the chandeliers)
-=Mission 3 - Slay Richter using a stealth takedown=- 
Like with the last one you need to be as quiet as possible alerting any guards 
along the way can trigger this one to fail so only stealth kills and try not 
to murder to many along the way save often. if your bugs out just restart level
and then reload a save point. it should be fixed if you check the kill mission 
-=Mission 4 - Assassinate Ehrlich by using a rat bomb=-
Just stay silent as you approach the location be sure not to alert guards near 
by or he will come out of his hole, excuse the pun. lay the rat bomb on the 
floor and use the whistle to draw him near and shoot the rat with your weapon 
and boom. 
-=Mission 5 - Beat Lanzo Baumann by burying him in concrete=-
Very easy just knock him out and throw his body in the concrete mix you have 
to turn on the machine first of course and break the beam.

How to unlock the Satchel Charges:
Written by Lava2007

* This is to help those wishing to unlock Satchel Charges. 
* No modification to files just a means of clearing up some confusion.

-=Experimentation and Unlock=-
I read multiple articles trying to unlock it, some where they said it was a bug, 
others where it was locked a certain difficulty. So I performed an experiment.
-=Play-through 1=-
I played on the medium difficulty, and i had multiple instances of the GPU error 
(Figured out it was because i was alt+tabbing out of game while having the 
Exclusive-Fullscreen) So i completed it to unlock the satchels gear and I didnt
get credit.
-=Play-through 2=-
I changed my settings from Exclusive-Fullscreen to Borderless and prevent the 
GPU errors, completed it on Medium difficulty yet again, and yet again no Satchels.
-=Play-through 3=-
Those article some were saying they unlocked it on medium others said they got 
it on Hard difficulty. So I changed my difficulty to Hard difficulty and hosted 
the Coop Campaign, did all 9 missions, and once i got to the screen that shows 
you if you was Assault/Lethal/Stealth/Non-Lethal i got multiple medals and one 
of the medals actually said “new gear unlocked” followed by another that said 
"Completed Campaign".
Note: When i both plays on medium i also did the dlc to see if it was only way 
to unlock.
Verdict: Beat all 9 missions on the default Hard difficulty. 
I’ll also post both the medals I mentioned.

Survival Tips:
Mini Guide: Survival Tips

-=Your Gear / Equipment=-
Your armory is really importent. it lets you costumize and mod the guns to your style. 
(Finding the work benches in the campaign rewards you with gun mods). 1 medpack and 2 
bandage’s is a must since you will need them badly.

Save the medpack for situations when you are down to 1 or 2 life bars. Or when your 
are down and bleeding. (medpack are rare and only lootable from officers specalist and 
jægers). 1 Bandage are usefull if you get shot by an ai sniper and your bleeding life 
bars away, or if you need a little extra life. (bandage’s can be found on all dead bodies).

-=Looting Dead Bodies=-
If you have enough xp points (campaign or survival) you can buy the “Scavenge Weapon 
Ammo”- Ammo can be looted from picked up weapons.

Dead bodies can be looted. But its not just go out and turn every dead body, your time 
between rounds are limited to 30 sec so “time is loot”.

If you need normal rifle ammo look out for rifles lying on the ground next to a dead 
body. chance are high that this body can be looted for rifle ammo. Same with smg guns 
or pistols.

Officers and jægers is good way to obtain special equipment and medication. Grenades, 
bandage’s, schuemine and teller mines are a semi common loot which can be found on all 

Sometimes you can find special weapons among the fallen.
* PanzerFaust - Big stick yellow stick that is good vs weak amor points and groups of enemies.
* Flaregun - Small pistol that fires a flare at the target point. followed by a 4 shot creepy 
  cannon barrage. very effecty vs everything that is hit by the blast.
* MG42 - Power full German machine gun that contains 100 bullets (depends how many bullets 
  the german jæger used to fire at you).

-=Securing The Command Point=-
Securing a cp point can be usefull since you can’t be everywhere at once.

Plant mines in bottleneck areas that leads into the command point. This will give you a 
second chance to save it from burning up.

Planting mines to close to each other can be usefull if you want to blow up a scout car 
or make a tigertank immobile.

Don’t plant mines directly in front of spawn points since it cause tiger tanks to become 
a small bunker with cannon and a machinge gun. only way to destroy it in that situation 
is to throw lots explosive at it or shot a flareshot at it.

Planting mines to kill enemy soldiers it is best to spread the mines out so they don’t 
trigger each other. eg. 1 soldier trigger the first mine and the others will trigger in a 
chain reaction only killing 1 soldier in total.

-=Defending / Counter Attacking=-
When the rounds begin and the enemy ai spawn somewhere on the map. Go out and scout but 
at the same time be very observant of the terrain.

When you spot the enemy or the enemy is spotting you. Take a choice based on how many 
enemies there are and what kind of enemies there are. If the enemy can’t be hold back 
and get to close retreat back to another cover.

If you can’t hold the enemy back and can’r retreat throw a grenade at them and run. 
Groups of enemies can some times sit close to eacher other and make a great target for 
a grenade.

If you think you can beat the enemy while only getting low damage. or without getting 
downed you have the option to push the enemy back but never performe a Charge into the 
enemy unless you have backup.

Snipers spawns in high locations. listen for far away gunshots and look for scope glints.

Spotter hangs out in the back of the groups and is very har to spot if it is big group. 
They will reveal their location when they fire a flare shot at you location and cover 
themself when the flareshot is fired.

Hint: If you are fast enough you can shoot him before the cannon barage goes off. 
remember to retreat when done.

Panzerfauzt troppers are a nasty bunch. They carries a panserfauzt launcher and they 
ar not afraid of using it to give you a black eye. listen for a high pitch sounds and 
you know a panzerfaust is being aimed at you.

If you are quick you can hit the panzerfaust head and it willl explode and kill the 
operator and nearby grunts.

Mg42 jæger gunners. Short story – mini Rambos. When they fire they hose down your 
location with bullets… really bad.

But great if you manage to take him out before the jæger begin to shoot. this will 
reward you with a full 100 shot mg42.

If you are have killed all enemies and only scoutcar(s) or tank(s) remains to be 
killed. Ignore it (them) and loot dead bodies. But still keep an eye on the moving 
menace. Or go around and re-secure the command point with mines.

30 sec pause before the next storm.
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