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Sludge Life 2 Cheats

Sludge Life 2

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

All Lockbox Keycodes:
Written by foxz

-=Spawn room=-
This keycode is found on your laptop (ESC) in the folder “Don’t forget”.

-=Cracked Glass Door=-
This keycode is found by refusing to give a cig to the guy in the 
meeting room.

-=Fun Dungeon=-
This keycode is found giving a cig to the employee that’s on the boat 
outside the fun dungeon.

-=Evidence Room=-
This keycode is found in a sticky note on a nearby laptop.

-=Below Warper Item=-
This keycode is found talking to the NPC on the couch near the lockbox 
with music turned off.

This keycode is found on the whiteboard in the room 604 that you can only 
acess after completing all tags.
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