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Shatterline Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

A little information on operatives for beginners:
Written by 075 grams of meph in my blood.ES

Let's start, here I will describe some of the tricks for operatives.

Mongoose - there are 2 grenades. Upon reaching level 6, you will receive 1 
smoke and 2 grenades = 3 grenades. BUT! Upon reaching lvl 8 you will receive 
a blind grenade, between the smoke and it, choose a blind grenade.

Malva - if you have health packs, play as a grenade. Throw it at your feet a 
little forward before attacking the enemy. Having reached level 8, be sure to 
take grenades!

Even in PVE! *Malva's ult depends on the number of kills. 
You can put 2-4 ults together depending on your aggressive combo)

Strix - using her fence you can climb surfaces / pixels that were not intended by 
the developers (*PVE getacombs, the last room with statues, you can throw a fence 
so that you can climb onto the sides of the wall and the mobs will not get you). 
Between the molotov and the grenade - choose molotov!

Kite - Forget the self-activating mine. She will kill a maximum of 1 player when 
you can be Shaheed and get kills, throwing her at the best moments of the game, 
taking over the entire team with one click. *Choose a mine to detonate with a click.
The fence will also help climb some surfaces like with the strix

Brisa - In PVE, by turning on invisibility, raise your ally. PVP her ult has an 
area effect, shooting near a low HP player can kill him even if he is standing 
behind a wall.

Pill - Grenade is garbage, take the device that is given at level 8. With it, you 
will be able to break the breeze mine/remove the orbit's ult/remove the mine/hammers 
and walls of your opponents with 1 click.
Throw a bot constantly on PVE. In pvp, throw it at the moments when it is necessary, 
because it can be broken.

Orbit - your acceleration can kill a player if he is low on HP. Use a combination 
of Haste + Ult to catch a group of people off guard. Your ult is also your 2nd life. 
Because it gives full health and x2 defense. Throw your drone constantly, this is 
an imba for you and your allies.

Rem - When trying to strike with your hand, hold the button to the maximum level 
to knock back / kill 1+ players. In unexpected moments, just press it and the 
player will be thrown away, giving you a couple of seconds to kill him.

*A small addition, please, until text chat is added. Use voice or map markers 
to communicate with allies.

Tips to Defeat Envoy in Less Than 30 Minutes:
* You should try to escape/ignore the enemies that spawn on the normal path and get 
  to the bins and objectives.
* Itís a bit of luck how far the objectives are, but that does matter!
* You need to have a good team that is also on a speedrun.
* Get some good equipment (luck), ignore some bins, get the objectives done as fast 
  as possible (coordinate your ultimates!).
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