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Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash Cheats

Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Card Farming:
Written by AbeLincoln55

This is a place to share tips on the best places to farm rare cards, 
whether it's a card pack in the shop, or a level you can beat quickly 
for a guaranteed 5-star pack.

So far, the fastest map I've come across to get 5-star cards can be 
finished in about 30-35 seconds. In Paradise Episodes, go to Ayame's 
Business and pick the final stage, on 3-star difficulty.

If you have maxed out rocket launchers, give them to your whole team. 
For yourself, I've found that picking either a rocket launcher or sniper 
rifle speeds things up quite a bit.

It's 4-on-1 for this fight, so if you stick to the upper level and take 
a couple shots whenever Katsuragi's shields are down, it'll be over 
without taking any damage.

Then, just repeat until you're sick of it.

As a side note, every once in a while, this happens. 
This was after a 22-second run.

-=Card Packs=-
If spending money without fighting is more your style, then I have to 
wonder why you're playing this in the first place. But if you really 
want to go this route, it seems like the Paradise Pack (the one with 
extra pet cards) has slightly better drop rates for rare cards.

The best result I got from a single purchase was 3 URs, but that's only 
happened a couple times. Usually, if you buy the packs in sets of 10, 
you'll get 2-3 URs and 4-5 SSRs. There's always a chance that you'll 
get nothing but Ns for all 10 though, and that happened to me only once. 
So it's kind of a "big risk, big reward" type of thing going on with 
this pack.

Not There! & Quit it! (Achievement Guide):
Written by Danx130

A guide to two of the game's more complex achievements. 

If you've been browsing the achievement list you've no doubt noticed these ones:

Not There! - Watched reactions for 5 characters in the Dressing Room.
Quit it! - Watched reactions for 10 characters in the Dressing Room.

Your first thought was probably the same as mine; with the Go Easy achievement 
just needing you to 'interact' with one of the characters, you just need to do 
it for 5 and 10 unique ones, right? But with these two, they're actually asking 
you to watch certain 'special' reactions, instead of just touching them like you've 
probably been doing.

Each character has one of these unique reactions each, and they fall under one of 
three categories: Grope, Touch, and Zoom.

They're fairly self-explanatory. Grope requires you to use the grope control on a 
certain part, Touch requires you to use the touch control on a certain part, and 
Zoom just needs you to zoom the camera in on a certain part. The thing is, you're not 
really given any kind of hints as to what these reactions are, especially the zoom 
ones. Fortunately, this guide will list (hopefully) all of the correct reaction triggers.

Quick word of warning: Any controls I mention will be the Xbox defaults, if you're 
using a different controller or are trying to play this with a keyboard and mouse, 
it'll be on you to translate them to your control scheme.

-=Reactions - Grope=-
Move either the left or right hand over the area then double tap LT or RT.

Yumi - Back of the neck
Yozakura - Back of her left arm, just above the elbow
Asuka - Between her chest
Ikaruga - Back of the neck
Hibari - Butt
Ayame - Head
Murasaki - Chest
Homura - Stomach
Yomi - Back of the neck
Hanabi - Stomach
Jasmine - Back
Ryoki - Back of the neck
Leo - Back of the neck

-=Reactions - Touch=-
Move the left or right hands over the area and click the left or right thumbstick buttons.

Shiki - Back
Minori - Head
Katsuragi - Left buttcheek
Yagyu - Stomach
Ryobi - Both buttcheeks at the same time
Hikage - Stomach
Haruka - Both buttcheeks at the same time
Naraku - Head
Renka - Left buttcheek
Daidoji - Stomach
Yuyaki - Head

-=Reactions - Zoom=-
Zoom the camera all the way in on the desired area, then simply wait for about 5 seconds.

Murakumo - Face
Miyabi - Groin
Imu - Face
Ryona - Chest
Mirai - Face
Kagura - Face
Kafuru - Chest
Rin - Face
Soji - Face

Alternate Ryobi and Daidouji Characters:
Highlight either Ryobi or Daidouji at the ‘Character’ select screen and press the "Option" 
button. When you do this Ryobi will be big-breasted and Daidouji will have her alternate 
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