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Second Extinction Cheats

Second Extinction

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

10 Tips to Get You in Gear:
Written by Cu Solais

I'll keep it short and simple. From one gamer to another, here are some tips 
to get you into fighting shape.

Learn to kite and strafe, those will keep you alive longer than anything else 
and keep you in the fight.

Prioritize enemies, watchers call more enemies on you, acid raptors will keep 
spitting on you at distance while you get swarmed, pop up caverns well keep 
bringing more enemies in as well, and those little zappy jerks can stun you. 
While the big guys seem like the worst trouble, they can be kited around. 
While those others will be what kill you 70% of the time.

Read into the perks on weapons, there are a good number of weapons(more to come) 
and each of them gets 10 points to put into them. Read the description of the 
perks and find out which sound best to you and your play style.

Get all the weapons! Some weapons might fit your play style better, unlock 
them soon as you can.

Get those mats!, You need mats for unlocking upgrades to your weapons, pay 
attention to which ones you need and what dinos drop them. For instance bulls 
drop mutator agents, they seem to be the only ones who do, so hunt them down 
and grind them up.

Go for high difficulty areas, once you get a hang of kiting and strafing enemy 
swarms its no big deal to go into the harder areas. And remember harder areas 
mean more points and more mat drops!

Stay for the long haul, the main mission can go long but its getting all those 
side missions and racking up the kills that get you more research points. The 
more points you get the more stars your mission will give out, and at the end 
you will get a nice packet of rare mats or skins if you end up with more stars. 
Its worth it to stick it out on the map for even up to an hour to bank those 

Mind your loadout, its recommended you have the ammo drops for each team. But 
I personally find with enough trigger control and good aim the map will give 
you plenty of ammo boxes, sometimes that belt of grenades is just what you need. 
(And air strikes are just fun) solo is just as fun, running solo will give you
 more time to learn how to move better and use your skills more effectively. 
If you can survive on your own, youll survive with your team.

Have fun! This game reminds me a lot of those old jurassic park rail shooters 
in arcades (minus the rails and ??? graphics) and I love the hell out of those. 
This game brings me back the same joy of sitting in a dark box with surround 
sound and a rattling gun blasting away hoards of dinos just without the coins. 
And I love it. Find what you love about this game and keep doing it. 
Remember its early access and its only going to get better.

Secret tip: If you really find yourself up a creek try going to bridges or 
standing on boxes, it seems to bug out the dinos AI and they just kinda sit 
there and yell at you (this is likely to be patched one day but for now use 
it to catch a breath).
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