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Roy's Rugs Cheats

Roy's Rugs

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Rift Properly and Efficiently:
Written by RaiKatzu

For Roy’s Rugs players, this guideis about how to make Rifting efficient 
on this Game, just follow this guide and learn how to rift properly.

-=Early Game=-
The Early Game of the game is the First 2 Hours of Playing you are freshly 
started and try to get to the last Rug by Visiting like 15 Galaxies thats 
about it after that you can just start planning on Rift-Rushing which needs
a certain amount of Holy Threads first of.

-=Mid Game=-
On the Midgame of this Game you have to Gather Holy Threads throughout 
Achievements and Daily Tasks to ZAP your rugs onto HolyDrop by Sell to 
regain the Threads the first 3 rugs are pretty handy for that because they 
are the Fastest since you have first of all a max. of 90% reduction on time 
to sell you can visit galaxies if you want and progress further if you wish 
but DO NOT RIFT TOO EARLY when you start to rift you lose all your ZAPS so
we need to collect holy threads first of to regain the holy thread farm 
later in the game.

-=Late Game=-
Now you have like 50-120k Holy threads and Mats for DAYS you can build your 
Glipbobs to make your Rift-reward better and you can also saveup like 18k of
them for 100 times Rift-Rush which is kinda needed in the Lategame future 
Updates! have fun playing and dont forget to build your threadfarms!
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