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Roomie Romance Cheats

Roomie Romance

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

All Ending and Achievement List:
Written by lylat

Let her go through them.
Fashion, dating, and bargain hunting.
Investigate the sound.
Ask if she considers you a friend.
Save 1
Offer to hang out another time.
As long as Senpai tries on something naughty.
Save 2
The babydoll.
The strap-on.
Save 3
Kiss Senpai.


Main Ending #1

Load 3

Wait for her to make a move.

Just a Game

Main Ending #2

Load 2

The Bondage outfit.
The Strap-On.
Wait for her to make a move.

Submissive Relations

Alternate Ending #1

Load 2

The chemise.

Save 4

The Strap-On.
Wait for her to make a move.

Freedom Harem

Alternate Ending #2

Load 4

The Vibrator.
Wait for her to make a move.

Just Friends

Main Ending #4

Load 1

Assure her it is okay.

Save 5

Follow them.
Wait for her to make a move.

Good Kohai

Main Ending #3

Load 5

Go home.
Wait for her to make a move.

Lovesick Puppy

Main Ending #5
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