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Rising Lords Cheats

Rising Lords

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Tips to Healthy Citizens:
* The first thing you have to accept is that medieval times are dirty 
  and medical knowledge is scarce.
* So you will have a very hard time keeping health close to a 100%.
* If you want to try anyway, you will need a low population.
* So multiple bathouses (yes, stack) and hight rations with high food 

How to Get Busy Court Achievement:
* Bishops appear after a player has a level 2 church, but only to the 
  players that have the level 2.
* Bailiffs appear when a player has a level 2 town hall, but only to 
  the players that have the level 2.
* Rogues appear after a player has a level 2 inn, but only to the players 
  that have the level 2.

Hunters appear when any player slays 2 beasts, the hunter will appear with 
an event card. The player to get the hunter is the one with the most beast 
slain (bears, boars, and wolves).

The Troubadour (jester) is an event card that goes to the player with the 
most battles and the least regions.

Players that have a noble court trait (French) will be the tie breaker. I 
would recommend this for anyone trying to get the achievement.

While Iím here, I should cover beasts. They are event cards that each have 
their own card, but wolves can also appear with the Neverending Winter card.

Beasts will appear in 15% of the mapís regions at a time, so 20 regions = 2 
beasts. They will only appear on player regions. No more than 10 beasts per 
map at one time.

* Wolves appear in the fields with the most livestock.
* Bears appear in the resource tiles with the most peasants.
* Boars appear in the fields with the most crops.
* Iíll point out that beasts do not appear with easy (beneficial) event 
  card decks.

If I were to write a strategy to the busy court:
* French heritage to break ties, but against passive or beginner AI they 
  arenít competition anyway. HmmmÖ or just play 1 player.
* Play a custom scenario using a hard or very hard event deck (brutal or 
  very brutal), because they have double the beast cards.
* Get building an inn and church. Then level up the town hall, inn, and 
* Dump any extra peasants you have into the same mine, forestry, or quarry 
  to attract a bear.
* Buy all the sheep from a merchant and pour them into a field. Why sheep? 
  You can fit the most into a single field. This will get you a wolf when 
  they appear from a wolf event card or possibly neverending winter.
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