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Rise of Gun Cheats

Rise of Gun

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Making Money Tips:
Written by Nightwolf!

There are really good free parts laying around town. 
Within the 2nd day you should have your first 1000.

* Build a tip jar.
* Build the vending machine. It cost alot to clear away but after 16 
  cases of food it pays all of that back. Everything after that is 
  pure profit.
* Make ammo. Its basically free money that doubles itself.
* Build the gun range in back. It too cost a lot and really is dependent 
  on the sales you generate. If you are only selling to one or two people
  its going to generate money slowly. It will pay for itself too, I think
  you get +75 for every customer you sell a gun to that goes to use it.

Really you dont need any of that. just upgrade your workbench to max as 
soon as possible.

Then you just go into the store buy anything on the table with a green arrow, 
cobble it together in any gun and resell the weapon + the markup. you really 
cant lose money which is the bad part of the game.

Keeping parts in inventory you cant use is what loses you money.

Keep your inventory balanced. if you have 20 magazines and no bases, thats 
just tons of money in mags sitting in your inventory you cant use.

Dont do orders. occasionally they are worth more than the 30% of markup 
from their parts you would normally getů.but its more work that its worth 

The markup is based off the part cost. The green arrow means for that 
particular part its more, the red arrow means for the same part you are 
getting less.

30% Of 100 is less than 30% of 200.

Take the collective cost of all the parts in your gun, multiply them by 
the markup % that gives the sell price of the gun.

-=Red is bad green is good=-
You are selling guns for a markup of the % cost of the parts.

The less you pay for the parts the less you get for the gun.

A gun that is made up of parts with red arrows you bought you are losing money
for the same parts if you had bought them with green arrows

Parts are not sold at a fixed cost the arrows indicate you are getting less 
than the average cost for those parts.

* Take a drum mag.
* The average is around 40ish.
* If you buy a drum for 30 it will have a red arrow.
* If you buy it for 50 it will have a green.
* Total cost of the parts + (total cost of the parts * markup) = sale price
  - 30 + (30 * .30 = 9) = 39
  - 50 + (50 * .30 = 15) = 65

Technically you make money either way. But with green arrow parts you make more.

And no having 20 mags in your inv you cant use is a waste of money.

It doesnt matter what you buy in the store as long as it has a green arrow.

Once you rank up both the seller you will never not have enough parts. You can 
buy from the sellers and just return a hour later and their stock will refresh.

If you have 10,000 dollars in parts in your inventory that is 10,000 you cant 
use. It just sits there. The point is to have it in cash form you can then buy
more parts with.
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