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Rift Wizard Cheats

Rift Wizard

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Enable Cheat Mode:
Written by Skunk Wick

A short guide on how to activate the in-game Cheat mode. The 
information here has been provided by "Moasseman" on the official 
Rift Wizard Discord. credit goes to them, I am merely posting it 
here to help share it.

-=How to Activate Cheat Mode=-
Despite the name, cheat mode is more of a debug mode, but it still 
offers access to in-game cheats that will let you, as the title would
suggest, cheat at the game.

* The process is fairly simple. 
* First off, go to your library, right-click the game and go into properties.
* From there, go to launch options, and input "Cheatmode" without the quotes.

-=Cheat Commands=-
After editing the launch options, start up the game.

Once you are in a run, press ctrl + shift + z 
(left ctrl & left shift, specifically). 
There is no notification or sound or anything to know if you activate it 
or not, aside from using the actual cheats and seeing if they have worked.

As for the commands, here are a few:

t = will teleport you to a tile-based on your cursor
x = grant 100 SP
y = remove 10 SP
h = increase max/current hp by 250
k = will kill all non-player units
g = will commit sudoku(kill yourself)
r = will recharge all spells
s = quicksave
l = quickload

NOTE: There are most likely other several commands as well, but besides not 
knowing what they are, they are most likely for modding/testing purposes. 
If you are looking to simply cheat in-game, this will be enough.
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