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Return to Abyss Cheats

Return to Abyss

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

100% Full Achievement Guide:
Written by mikescubes

-=Narrow Escape=-
Win the battle when your HP is below 10.

Die for 100 times in Abyss.

-=Dangerous Driving=-
Forge a blue Wildfire 03 while having 2 drinks active.
Note: Donít worry, the drinks donít break this achievement!

Master 12 drink formulas.

-=Take a Break=-
Do not move for 120 seconds at the start of the battle, during 
which you cannot die (no revives!)
Note: This is really easy to do with the lightning ball character in 
zone 1, as soon as you unlock her.

-=Wrecking Ball=-
Destroy the Lava Ball of Demon Lord Samuel (Zone 1 boss) in Hell Surface (Zone 1.)

-=Home Run=-
Simultaneously repel and defeat the Fusion/Cancer of Humanity (Zone 2 boss) 
while itís rolling.

Let tentacles whip Baron Assac (Zone 3 boss) to death in Evernight Marsh.

Get snatched into Desperate Shadow (Zone 4 boss)ís body and kill it from 
inside in Inner World (Zone 4).

Avoid the Leviathan (Zone 5 boss) bite attack 3 times (in one run).

-=Abyss Lone Fighter=-
Win an abyss without picking up a treasure chest.

-=Abyss Dominator=-
Win an abyss without taking any damage.
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