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Quest Together Cheats

Quest Together

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

A Start in A New World:
Written by Kane The Pork

This is a guide for new players that are just starting out. Here you will 
find out what to do, what are good goals to set, and what to avoid as a 
new player to this awesome game.

-=Creation of A Hero=-
Like any good fantasy RPG personalization is a must in today's day and age. 
Quest Together is no different with a solid creation mechanic of to a good 
start. Keep in mind that this is a brand new game which is quite bare bones 
in a lot of aspects including only allowing you to choose to be a human race. 
Putting that aside you are free to choose from a few different options to 
make your character unique.

These choices include gender, skin tone, face shape, hair style, hair color, 
and eye color (among others). If I have to be honest your eye color has to 
be the most important because it will determine the color of an armor we 
will discuss later in this guide.

Personally I have decided to halfheartedly roll play a Witcher (specifically 
the Court Witcher where you can find my in the royal room with the king if 
you want to play together). Due to the game being so early with it's 
development you can easily roleplay with friends. The choices are endless 
when it comes to customization.

-=Dropped In An Unknown World=-
When you load into the game you will be met by a sparsely wooded forest and 
many cute pink slimes just wondering about. Before you move lets explain 
what you have started out with. Two items will be on your person. One will 
be your bag on your hip. This is where you will store any and all items you 
can collect while out on an adventure. The second item will be a skinning 
knife on the back of your hip. To answer your question yes, this knife will 
do damage and no, it is not a good starting weapon to use against slimes. 
The skinning knife is considered a "weapon" so holding it will technically 
put your character into a "combat mode" but the only real use for it is to 
collect monster drops.

One more bit of advice before you get lost among the trees and happy faced 
this enough. Particularly make sure the dodging mechanic is set to button 
instead of head. I will explain later as to why it is the better setting to 

Now that we have adjusting the settings and we know what we have just follow 
the road until you get to the town. Don't worry about the slimes. They are a 
neutral mob and won't attack unless provoked. Once you reach the town just 
talk to the two guards and they will instruct to go into town and see the 
king of the guild. Once in the town there will be a female NPC to your right 
in a few feet. You can speak to her if you want but most of what she says is 
currently false. The reason I say currently is because she is speaking of 
future updates that have not arrived. At this point you are free to explore 
the first part of town but it is all empty. The best route is to just advance 
forward to the next part of the city until you get to the angel statue. This 
is where your true adventure begins.

-=Goals (Equipment) to Obtain=-
To sum up the current gist of this game it is like Sword Art Online or Monster 
Hunter. In turn you can get better equipment to take on stronger monsters/ 
mobs. Right now your main goal is to get the best gear you can. A good 
secondary goal is to collect the most resources you can in preparation for 
future updates. To do this I will explain what equipment is the best and what 
is trash.

When you come to the angel statue there will be two NPCs. A general shop 
keeper on the left and a weapon smith on your right. The general shop keeper 
sells basic equipment, different simple shirts, pickaxes, bug nets, and 
health potions. Buy a pickaxe only. This will come in handy in later adventures. 
The weapon smith on your right will give you a preview into what you can get 
to become better and fight harder monsters. This guy won't be the only place 
to get the weapons he has but if you end up having a surplus amount of money 
later on he can be an easy way to obtain these weapons. Speaking of weapons 
let's discuss the different pieces you will encounter.

First off it hurts me to say this since I like to play a "tank" type characters 
in most RPGs but the shields are broken. A friend of mine and I entered into 
the PvP area to do some testing of equipment to confirm some suspicions. We 
first thought that the shield was not working as expected. For example I first 
tested the shield with a slime and it only worked about 15% - 20% of the time. 
That was only when it was not getting in the way of my sword. When tested we 
found the problem is either one of three things. Either the hit box for the 
shield is smaller then the actual size of the shield, there is some sort of 
deflection mechanic that renders the use of a shield difficult to use, or 
both. all in all don't was the weapon slot on a shield.

The armor goal (currently) is an armor set called Bullton armor. This set 
has two important attributes. First it will bump up your armor rating by 118 
points and second the color of the armor is based on the color of your eyes.
 For example, my eyes are yellowish-gold so in turn my armor happens to be 
gold. Now onto the weapons.

Currently the two best weapons to use in PvE are the Long Greatsword and 
the Giant Hammer. The Greatsword has a good reach to it while also having 
the ability use it in a defensive manner as well (though it must be noted 
that we did not test the defensive capabilities). The Giant Hammer is exactly 
as it sounds. You swing a giant hammer. Think of Thor's Hammer and roleplaying 
as the God of Thunder. Both of these weapons are two handed weapons so using 
them as one handed are especially tough but not completely impossible. 
Especially using the Giant Hammer as a one handed weapon produces a hilarious 
result of swinging it around with one hand looking like Thor about to fly off 
but smashing everything in your immediate area. Keep in mind you won't be 
able to purchase either of these weapons before entering the castle and 
performing some adventures due to the lack of money you will spawn with. 
Now to the castle with you! A future of being a hero awaits.

-=Combat Is a Fickle Thing=-
Combat is easily to learn if you are will to put in the time. Each monster 
has certain moves, there are different weapons to use, and combat mechanics 
will all factor into how you keep the kingdom monster free. I will give you 
help as to how you can learn the techniques but it will be on you to master 

Since we mostly covered what weapons are the best and what is trash I will 
only have to mention a simple trick I found using sword. This mechanic does 
work with a shield to create a shield bash but as previously stated we don't 
use shields. Now I have to say I don't know or haven't found a name for this 
but we will just call it Critical Rage. To activate Critical Rage you will 
have to hold down the top trigger of the weapon you are holding. Your weapon 
will glow red (hence the "Rage" part) and it looks like it will give you more 
of a chance to deal more devastating blows (critical attacks). I only really 
use melee weapons right now so I'm not sure if it works on the bow.

The next mechanic I find useful is Dodge. If you kept your dodge setting to 
"head" then to activate it you must physically weave your head in the direction 
you wish to dodge. Basically you will look like you are bobbing and weaving in 
a boxing match to anyone in the room. If you changed the setting to "button" 
then you can use the same button that you jump with to dodge. Dodge will only 
be able to be used if you are in "combat mode" (holding a weapon; ex. skinning 
knife, sword, shield, bow, etc).

Lastly is studying the movements and how each monster fights. There are currently 
two different types of monsters. You have a common version (ex. a regular slime) 
and what I like to call the Alpha version (ex. large slimes). Now let's take 
two different monsters and compare them against each other. The two example we 
will use are an Alpha Slime and a regular boar. Now of coarse Alphas always will 
have way more health compared to a regular mob and the Alpha Slime is no 
different. Boars though have more mobility. Both Slimes and Alpha Slimes have 
low to no mobility. The Alpha Slime won't chase you while you run around it 
slashing away but it will try to face you as it attacks. The boars only the 
other hand will chase you even if you only back up a foot or so. The Alpha Slime 
can continually attack you without rest while the boar can get two attacks in 
before needing to rest then dropping down to only one attack at a time. 
Observing these key differences and patterns about monsters will help you become 
the best destroyer of monsters the kingdom has ever seen. Combine all these 
combat techniques an not a single monster will stand in your way!

All Item List (and How to Obtain Them):
Written by LP4

A list of all items and how to obtain them.

* Alpha Ladybug (Drop Bugs in Hills 3%)
* Atanodo Larva (Drop Bugs in Hills 20%)
* Beastbone (Drop from Dosbullton 30%)
* Insect Shell (Drop Bugs in Hills 40%)
* Bullton Hide (Drop from Dosbullton 30% and Bullton 25%)
* Bullton Tusk (Drop from Dosbullton 30% and Bullton 20%)
* Dung (Drop from Dosslime 39% and Wyvern Egg Quest 30%)
* Earth Crystal (Mining)
* Malachite (Mining)
* Sneaky Grasshopper (Drop Bugs in Hills 20%)
* Herb (Drop from Wyvern Egg Quest 30%)
* Iron Ore (Mining)
* Toxic Butterfly (Drop Bugs in Hills 10%)
* Raw Meat (Drop from Bullton, Dosbullton and Wyvern)
* Slime Jelly (Drop from Slime 40%, Dosslime 30%)
* Slime Jewel (Drop from Dosslime 1%) Rarest Item
* Stone (Mining)
* Unidentified Monster Bone (Drop from Wyvern 5% and Egg Quest 10%)
* Wyvern Claw (Drop from Wyvern 20%)
* Wyvern eye (Drop from Wyvern 5%)
* Wyvern horn (Drop from Wyvern 10%)
* Wyvern Scale (Drop from Wyvern 30% and Egg Quest 5%)
* Wyvern tail (Drop from Wyvern 5%)
* Wyvern wing (Drop from Wyvern 10%)
* Wyvern wingbone (Drop from Wyvern 10%)

* Simple Bed (Obtained at beginning)
* Nice Candle (Obtained at beginning)
* Wooden stool (Obtained at beginning)
* Bed-side dresser (Obtained at beginning)
* Plain wooden table (Obtained at beginning)

* Hero’s Chest Pice
* Arm sleeves
* Standard bow
* Tree Branch
* Bugnet
* Bullton Gauntlets
* Bullton Chestpiece
* Bullton Helmet
* Carving Knife
* Chainmail Sleeves
* Chainmail Chestpiece
* Chainmail Helmet
* Chainmail Greaves
* Energy Juice
* Standard Hammer
* Hero Helmet
* Iron Armor
* Rookie Helmet
* Standard Lance
* Leather Sleeves
* Leather Chestpiece
* Leather Headgear
* Leather Greaves
* Simple pants
* Pickaxe
* Small Potion
* Item Pouche(small)
* Standard shield
* A simple Shirt (5 Versions)
* Spiky Shoulder Pads
* Standard Great Sword
* Standard Long Sword
* Rapier
* Standard Sword.
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