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Quake Live Cheats

Quake Live

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Easy "Vadri'gar" achievement:
This can be farmed using bots. Start an Internet FFA Quad Hog game on "Eye to Eye", 
which is the smallest official map. Add 23 bots, then enable the following codes. 

bot_gauntletonly 1 (forces bot to use the Gauntlet) 
g_damage_g 0 (Gauntlet does no damage) 
g_damage_mg 500 (machinegun does 500 damage) 
g_damage_pg 500 (pulse gun does 500 damage) 
g_damage_lg 500 (lightning gun does 500 damage) 
g_damage_sg 500 (shotgun does 500 damage) 
fraglimit 10000 (10,000 frag limit) 
timelimit 180 (3 hour time limit) 
g_speed 600 (maximum run speed set to 600) 
pmove_JumpVelocity 400 (400 jump power in order to access upper areas) 

Once prepared, get Quad by either collecting it or killing the Quad Carrier. Remain
in the arena and get in position where the spawned bots are lined up to move towards
you. Kill them with the machine gun, pulse gun, lightning gun, or shotgun until you 
need to get Quad again or reload your ammo (in which case, kill yourself in the lava). 

Easy "Overkill" and "Plus one" achievements:
Enable the g_startingHealth 1 code to set the starting health of every player to 1. 
Get the railgun in "Campgrounds" from an eagle nest. Note: Be careful when jumping.
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