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Prodigal Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Beginner Tips (Before You Started):
Written by Soda

Basic things good to know Absolute gem of a game this is. But it do not 
hold your hand, and expects your to explore and experiment. If this is 
you, you can turn around now. For you who don’t want to scramble around
at the basics. Welcome!

-=The basic mechanics=-
* Your pickaxe have a spin attack if you charge your attack. 
  This does 2x Damage.
* Dread Hand will always bring you back to the beginning of the room from 
  where you entered.
* The fist will always do as much damage as a regular pickaxe hit.
* Buttons will always only affect the room they reside in.
* The bombs in Dry Fountain will start exploding on the 4th hit, or if they
  bump into a wall.
* The bomb explosion do not hurt you.
* Buffs from Keaton or Oakley lasts until you die.
* Strength Potion means +1 damage.
* You can increase your movement speed by the HAM from Keaton, or by doing 
  the “One Small Favor” side quest, given by Tara in Crocasino. 
  This is highly recommended
* There is a way to get Gravedigger and Oakley back in Act 2. Do not panic.
* All secrets are telegraphed, but for some, you really need to pay attention 
  to that 1-2 pixels off.

-=The Useful Info=-
* Heart Ores exists in dungeons, but only the base dungeons before the final one.
* Post Game begins once last boss is dead. (Post Game is like 70% of the game)
* To find it, try going to Sheriffs house and/or Keatons Bar a few times.
* All Item Upgrades have a hold button mechanic.
* Re-exploring old dungeons is sometimes a good idea.
* A true final boss exists in the base game, you get it by paying your debt to 
  Pa and getting married to anyone.
* If you missed the chance for the first requirement you can get to the top of 
  the mountain, where your parents house were, and pay the debt there to the cabin.

A Small Favor Quest Guide (How to Get Winged Boots):
Written by SubspaceHighway

This is a guide to help those looking to unlock the ability to run. You must 
complete the quest: “A Small Favor” This guide will tell you where to go and in 
what order.

-=A Small Favor Guide=-
This guide contains minor spoilers for the game, and is a guide for unlocking 
the ability to RUN. You get this buy finding an item that you can equipped to 
allow the player to increase their movement speed and run when they want. 
(You can still walk after you equipped the item)

The way to unlock this item is by completing the quest: A Small Favor.

A small favor is one of the side quests you can access from the very beginning of 
the game as soon as you finish the introduction sequence. Once you have arrived 
home and slept you will wake up on the morning of the first day. Bolivar will ask 
you to get a pickaxe to help him gather materials. Once this conversation is over 
you will have full control of where you go.

Some things to know about A Small Favor – Once a small favor is started, every 
time you move to the next step of the quest chain, the NPC involved in that next 
step will be locked into their dialogue and actions for the quest. This means 
certain characters with progressive stories of their own may get locked into the A 
Small Favor Quest and be unable to progress until their stage of the quest is 
complete. (Basically once they ask you for something, they will stay in the dialogue 
of waiting for their request to be completed until it is finished.) This is 
important if you are trying to get the specific dialogue for a marriage candidate 
on the first day.

-=Step 1: Begin the quest
The start of this quest is located in the Crocasino. The Crocasino is located 
north east of Pa’s house. Head north past the boot shop and head east when you reach 
the top of the stairs. You are looking for the character Tara, she hangs out inside 
the Casino. (She should be directly north of the crocodile statue as it is morning.) 
Speak with her until she asks you to help her out. The Librarian won’t let her look 
at the birth records for a specific year so she asks you to do it. Agree to help her 
(yes) and finish the conversation. Now we head to the library.

-=Step 2: The Librarian
Head out of the Crocasino and head over to the library. The library is located south 
of the Boot Shop, north of Lynn’s house and just west of the stairs leading to Pa’s 
house. Head inside the Library and speak to the Librarian. Note: Nora may first tell 
you the hint of the current stage of the Main Story quest you are on. She will always 
give you the hint first. Keep talking to her until she talks about the birth records. 
She will agree to look into if you help her get an overdue book back from Lynn. 
Agree to help her (yes). Let’s play a game of where is Lynn?

-=Step 3: Lynn the Criminal
Leave the Library. We’re going to look for where Lynn is. If it is the morning she 
should be at her house. (In the morning she’ll be outside working if it’s clear 
weather. If it’s raining or snow is on the ground she’ll be inside. Talk to Lynn and
she’ll realize she never returned the book. But…she needs a few more minutes to finish
it. In the meantime, she’ll ask you to go get her dad’s boots from Tess. 
Agree to help her (yes). Next stop: The Boot Shop

-=Step 4: I need to clean some stains…
Head to the boot shop. Tess will be sitting behind the counter. Talk to her. where 
she claims she just needs help from the Maid to clean some of her coffee mugs. Once 
she does that she can return Lynn’s boots. Finish her dialogue and head out of the 
boot shop. It’s time to get our fancy on, at Ashwood Manor.

-=Step 5: The Maid and the Small Favor
Head west from the boot shop, passing the church and arriving next to the fountain. 
Head up the staircase and enter the manor. It should still be morning, so the Maid 
will be in the kitchen. Head down the right hallway, then north and then left. She’ll 
be standing next to the butler. She’ll agree to talk to the butler about how to get 
stains out of the…mugs if you will go help her get her crossbow from Quinlan. Agree 
to her terms (yes). Alright, time to talk to Lynn’s father. 

-=Step 6: He don’t like you much
Head out of the manor and back down the staircase. Head east and take a turn south 
after the library. Head into Lynn’s house and talk to Quinlan. He’ll probably tell 
you he doesn’t like you before talking about the crossbow. He’ll say he can make 
the crossbow, but he needs to get a stock to restring it. He’ll mention that Mariana 
has been working on it for him and ask you to fetch it. Say you’ll do it (yes) and 
leave the house. Welcome to the Thunderdo – I mean The Arena.

-=Step 7: The Former Commander
Head north past the library, then west past the church and ashwood manor. When you 
see the building with the big potion shop outside of it, head south. You need to 
enter the big, grey, building which is the Arena. Head north immediately and talk 
to the woman blocking the entryway into the Arena. This is Mariana. Talk to her 
until she brings up the crossbow stock. She won’t ask you for anything, she’ll tell 
you that you must do something for her or she won’t help you. You have no choice 
and she gives you a bounty to be posted by Hugh. So…Let’s go see Hugh.

-=Step 8: The Deputy
Head out of the Arena. Hugh is normally outside in clear weather or in the jail if 
it’s raining or snowing. It should be mid day, so if it’s clear weather, he’ll be 
just below the entrance to the church. Locate him and speak to him. He’ll tell you 
he can’t post any bounties because he’s all out of ink! He’ll tell you the shipment 
went to Ashwood’s Manor and ask you to get it for him. Tell him you will (YES) and 
head back to Ashwood’s manor.

-=Step 9: The Butler hates you
Head into Ashwood’s Manor and talk to the butler. As it is still mid day, he should 
be just left of the entryway facing the north wall of that room. He will give you 
the ink shipment on the terms that you tell Hugh that he needs to not send any more 
things to the manor. You have finished the first half of the trade quest. Everything
 from now on is going back in reverse order and fulfilling everyone’s requests.

-=Step 10: We have to go back
I’m going to list the order in which you need to return to people to do the quest 
in this next section.

* Return to Hugh (still outside the church) and give him the shipment. He’ll tell 
  you that he’ll post the bounty.
* Return to the Arena and talk to Mariana. She’ll give you the crossbow stock.
* Return to Lynn’s House and talk to Quinlan. He’ll give you the crossbow after 
  a small fade out and fade in of him restringing the crossbow.
* Return to Ashwood Manor and speak to the Maid. You should reach her still during 
  mid day which means she’ll be in one of the back rooms of the manor. Take the 
  left door and talk to her. She’ll give you a bottle of water for the stains.
* Return to the Boot Shop and talk to Tess. She’ll clean her…mugs and give you 
  Lynn’s Father’s Boots.
* Find Lynn (It should be just before Sunset or be Sunset which means she’ll be 
  in the church) and give her the boots. She’ll give you the book to return.
* Return to the Library and give Nora the book. She’ll give you the birth records.
* Return to the Crocasino and talk to Tara. She should be just left of the entrance 
  by now (Sunset) She’ll give you 10 gold. Congratulations! A small favor is complete.

What’s that? 10 gold not enough? Tara will give you the Winged Boots as well.

-=Step 11: I am…The Flash
The most important thing to do after getting the boots is head back to the Boot 
Shop. Interact with the winged boots and confirm you want to put them on. Read 
the tool tip on how to use them and remember you can have one type of boot 
equipped at the same time.

And there you have it. A guide to A Small Favor, which is probably the most 
important side quest of every category for this game.
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