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Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2: Deluxe Edition Cheats

Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2: Deluxe Edition

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Get Torchwood and Hover Goat 3000:
This will explain how to earn torchwood and hoover goat step-by-step.

* So, you first have to wait for townhall to open up.
* Then, you need 50 rainbow stars for the 50 rainbow star chest in also 
  townhall. You can get rainbow stars from townhall events or trading 7 
  yellow stars for one.
* You get 5 for winning a match of the event and 3 for losing.
* Then, when you get the key, go to sewers and when you go down the 
  ramp where rux is, there should be a opening.
* Go in there and you should find a big collection of gnomes and a locked 
  gate. Use the key to open the gate.
* Open the 50 chest 4 times to get all 4 keys for the 4 trails.
* Your going to want to take a screenshot of the symbols it shows you at 
  the end. Input the symbols where you hop into the blue portal in the 
  middle when you enter the gnome portal and put in the code.
* Do it for all 4 gates and when you defeat the color guards, it should 
  show 2 missing symbols for the code in each of the 3 portals.
* Put in the missing codes in the correct order to fight off the rainbow 
  gnome king and then the big gold gnome should break open.
* You need to have 75 stars for each chest that contains torch and hover 
  goat and there you have it.

How To Redeem Rewards Tips:
Written by Poopmonster62

Some people have been having trouble redeeming the exclusive deluxe edition 
content (If you donít know what this is the Steam edition is called the 
deluxe edition and includes some exclusive content).

The redemption process is actually very simple but you are never told what to do.

NOTE: This step can be skipped if you have completed the game intro.
After starting the game and linking your EA account the game will start with a 
tutorial that needs to be completed. Personally, I would recommend turning up 
the aim sensitivity. After killing all the zombies you will find yourself at a
closed off area with a circle on the ground, you can leave the circle but i would
not advise this because if you are not in the circle when the timer (at the top 
of the screen) finishes you will die. If you are in the circle after the timer 
finishes the game will continue and after one final cutscene you will be sent 
to the lobby.

Now at the lobby head over to the front gate and interact with the mailbox. 
In a certain massage there is a claim rewards button clicking it will take you 
to the gifts tab where you can redeem everything.
NOTE: If the message does not appear you can still redeem the rewards by 
heading to a sticker vending machine and clicking the gifts button in the 
bottom right corner this will take you to the same window.

Guide to Mistery Portal of the TownHall:
Written by lellollo

This portal is a special event that allows you to collect special stars that
you will use to open 3 special chests per month.

The one which costs 50 rainbow stars will give you a random key that you will 
use to complete the single campaign to unlock 2 special characters.

This way you will finish the campaign in 4 months because there are only 4 
coloured keys (sometimes but rarely you wonít get the key).

This portal does open the first tuesday of each month (exceptions includes the 
first or the second day of the month, in that case the portal will open the next
week, always on tuesday) and it lasts for 2 weeks.

There are special events every month and sometimes you will be able to use 
characters you donít have own.

Thatís it, have fun!

Faster Level Up Guide:
Written by A Doctor Who

  Go play as any Zombie you want to level up.

2.Go to Base enterance
  Make sure you let the Weeds get close to the gate so they can open it.

3.Camp in Garage
  Go in the garage to avoid getting Vanquished by Bosses and Plant Heros.

4.Invade and start Leveling UP
  (Zombie Bosses can get in) Start fighting in the base and begin to level Up 
  your Character.
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