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Picayune Dreams Cheats

Picayune Dreams

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Tips to Beat Biker Boss:
For my first few encounters with biker, I found thatmovement speed 
(the engine) really helped me, and weapons i didnt have to aim with 
(parasite, wings, static signal, etc) so i could focus on dodging the 
bullets. Once you get used to the patterns, it gets easier with other 
builds because you’ll know how to dodge the bullet patterns.

Here’s a tip with movement during this boss: focus on moving diagonally, 
and ALWAYS be moving. For most of the fight, regardless of what the biker 
is doing, there will be a bullet fired from the top/bottom/left/right of 
the screen at the same time aimed at the center of the screen (your 
location when the bullet is fired). If you make a point of moving 
diagonally in any direction while this is happening, you can avoid most 
of those bullets.

Where this gets tricky is during the portions where the biker is trying 
to ram into you (like phase one), when you see them coming at you, move 
in the same direction the biker is moving (ie: if moving towards bottom 
right corner, you also head that way) and when they get close, change 
your direction slightly so the biker passes you by.

During the phase where the boss is doing the circular pattern, I just 
move very far away because that pattern remains stationary while the 
fight continues, if you have a directional set of upgrades this is where 
you can aim your attacks in the direction of the boss while you run away.

During the phase where the biker is zigging and zagging around, this is 
good for builds where you need to be close by (chain belt, slime spikes, 
horns, etc) because you’ll be close briefly and you just need to make 
sure to move out of the way when the biker changes direction.

The 4th phase where the biker jumps off the bike focus on paying
attention to where the boss is flying around… but keep in mind that the 
hitbox is PROBABLY just the bike (unconfirmed, but that’s where the hp 
is located, but both the boss and the bike hitting you will hurt).
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