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Peaks of Yore Cheats

Peaks of Yore

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Bouldering Tips:
* In addition to heaving your weight, you are going to want to hold jump 
down as long as possible and lunge with one or both hands. Do the Superman 
pose and hold jump to fly.

* You will generally need to sacrifice the luxury of getting the perfect swing 
in favor of practicing the timing of the next hold which is often rapid-fire, 
or at best you get one wind-up. There is often a rhythm to it you will feel 
when it clicks.

* You will occasionally need to learn which hand to leave free for the next 
hold to preserve its stamina.

* You will have to be comfortable scrambling up the slippery rocks and pay 
attention to which parts of their surfaces have the most grip (not the sides).

* Practice connecting two then three or more grips chained together with swift 
jumps following a single motion ó no wind-up.

* Almost no point in using coffee until you know the routes and have the first 
moves down.

* A well-timed jump can sometimes let you skip an annoying hold, keep your eye 
out for these opportunities.

* Canít figure out a jump, take a break, come back and try something different. 
Change your grip hand, try shifting your weight in a counter-intuitive direction, 
change the timing of your actions, sometimes you have to perfect the camera 
control. I swear some of these jumps I figured out in my sleep or while drifting 
off, and succeeded right away on next attempt.

* The five easiest boulders IMO are the first three, then Walterís and Old 
Weald. I also despaired of seeing any further content and hit a wall at the 
boulders for a good two weeks. One at a time, you will tackle them and more 
consistently land grips that eluded you the day before.
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