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Palworld Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Fastest Way to Level:
* First catch a black market/pal seller and bring them to your base. 
  Then catch a wondering merchant.
* Go on dungeon raids to get rubies diamond/killing other black market pall sellars 
  to get lots of cash.
* Put the black market/pal seller in and out of your palbox and sell your junk and 
  buy every mon you dont plan to breed.
* If you run out of money go do a few dungeon runs bypassing all enemies except the 
  final boss (use the only turn right strat which always works).

Note: Pal Sellar turns money into XP. Gained 3 levels in the span of 6 min.

What Tasks to Prioritize:
How It Works:

It goes by order. If two of the same tier tasks exist, it goes 
by how far it is from the pal.

* Sleeping
* Eating (at 50% of the hunger bar, they eat a single food item, 
  not to 100%. More filling food means less trips to eat.)
* Building (Handiwork)
* Ranch (Farming)
* Generating Electricity
* Harvesting Crops (Gathering)
* Transporting From Crop Fields (Transporting)
* Planting & Watering (Can’t Test Against Each Other)
* Stone Pit & Logging Site (Mining & Lumbering)
* Refining -> Kindling -> Cooking (Kindling)
* Crafting (Handiwork)
* Medicine Production
* Gathering Random Stuff (Rocks, Berries, Etc…) (Transporting)
* Mining & Lumbering (Natural Spawns)
* Hauling (Transporting)
* Cooling

Guide to Get More FPS:
Written by Sh4dow

I play this game on a 960m with 60 FPS and you can do it too!

-=Here’s what to do=-
Go to the following folder (copy paste into explorer, run or 
windows search bar):
* Open Engine.ini file
* OR open the file directly:

-=Add the following settings at the end of the file=

Server Commands Guide:
Commands must be executed from within the game or via RCON.

If you want to use there commands. You need to setting AdminPassword a
nd get permission for administration with /AdminPassword command.

* /Shutdown {Seconds} {MessageText} – The server is shut down after 
  the number of Seconds. Will be notified of your MessageText.
* /DoExit – Force stop the server.
* /Broadcast {MessageText} – Send message to all player in the server.
* /KickPlayer {SteamID} – Kick player from the server.
* /BanPlayer {SteamID} – BAN player from the server.
* /TeleportToPlayer {SteamID} – Teleport to current location of target player.
* /TeleportToMe {SteamID} – Target player teleport to your current location
* /ShowPlayers – Show information on all connected players.
* /Info – Show server information.
* /Save – Save the world data.

Merchant Location:
Written by All The Camper Must Die

The Fisherman Village, better known as Fisherman’s Point, can be found on the 
southwestern-most point on the map at coordinates -455, -760.

-=What can you get in Fisherman’s Point in Palworld=-
You can purchase ammo, weapon schematics, and most important thing “high quality 
pal oil” Polymer is very important material in this game.

Although you can get pal oil buy killing them:
* Quivern (095)
* Flambelle (070)
* Elphidran (080)
* Relaxaurus (085)
* Grintale (052)
* Digtoise (067)
* Dumud (043)
* Woolipop (034)

But sometime it will give you a headache, specially making 50 circuit board on level 50.

Farming Gold and Keys:
* Build a hanging trap. Place it so the looped rope is as close to the black market 
  trader as possible. If placed correctly, he will instantly be caught by it.
* Build a campfire underneath him as close as possible.
* Wait for him to get cooked and claim your gold and keys.
* Singleplayer – Close world and open again, he will respawn. 
  Multiplayer / Dedicated – Leave server and rejoin.

Can be done as early as level 5. Infinite pals and gold. Use if you want while you can!

How to Get Gold Quick and Easy:
* I can’t be the only person who has realized that the best thing to possibly sell to
  merchants is nails.
* I’m not sure if it’s a glitch or a value entered incorrectly.
* But 1 nail sells for 160 gold coins.

-=In comparison=-
* 1 ingot sells for 20 gold coins
* That means you can make nails and sell 1 ingot for 320 gold.

* Go mine 2 ores and you just made over 20,000 gold in less than 5 minutes.

Little Known Tricks:
* A lvl 1 skill miner cannot mine ore but a lvl 2 can. This was frustrating at first 
  when I made my 2nd base next to a bunch of ore and 8 of my pals weren’t mining but 
  the lvl 2s were.
* The trophies to lvl up your catch rate are A LOT easier to see at night. Instead of 
  sleeping, I’ll take my Nitewing and fast travel to a fairly new place and spend all 
  the game night looting trophies and eggs. They are the only thing that stays lit.
* Make sure you look at your radar when exploring. Often times you are too enthralled 
  with playing that you forget to get the save on the fast travel pillar and die then 
  have to make the long journey to your loot. They show up starting at 300M and are 
  shown in grey on the map. Get to this first and then start fighting and catching 
  around it.
* Many guides say to use the deer for your mount on land as the antler uppercut gives 
  you huge speed. While this is true, your pal has a chance to lose this ability while
  lvling up and replacing old attacks with new ones. Always try to have a few in your 
  pal box ready to swap out or use the direwolf with passive speed boosts.
* Have an equipped pal for each scenario. A glider mount, a land mount, a flyer mount,
  a player passive and then your damage dealer. Versatility in exploration is best since
  you never know when you need them.
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