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Outcast: New Beginning Cheats

Outcast: New Beginning

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Guide to Get the Ventilope:
To get the ventilope for the quest in Emea you should get a conversation 
with Yunair after you lure the first one.

Should be a cutscene that triggers automatically.
* Here you inspect a feather vest Yunair is making for Zaleb.
* Then he asks you to get the feathers from a tree near Emea.
* Once you get the feathers to him, he’ll send ventilopes to Emea.
* Important note: Mind you, this quest shows up under Emea quests, NOT 
  the Sappa quests, even though it is all about Yunair.

Tips to Get the Mold Off the Egg:
* So you’re looking to clear the mold off that big egg in Emea? 
  There’s a quest.
* To clear the mold, you’ll need to snag some twon-has from the village of 
  Bidaa. The game should give you a quest for that while you’re in Emea and
  chat with the egg’s “mother”.
* There’s no time limit shown. Just follow the quest and you’ll be scrubbing 
  that mold off before you know it.

-=Important note to all quests=-
* Keep an eye on the top of the screen for a yellow bar. If you see it, that 
  means there’s a time limit for the quest. But don’t sweat it if you don’t 
  see one, you’re good to go at your own pace.

Tips to the Meptars in Desan:
* Collect as many as possible really fast then jump off and aim for Droad’s 
  cabin to the right of the Spire and just above the portal bridge. You will 
  glide directly there.
* Then run to the back wall and deposit the Meptars. Repeat to get all 10.
* With both glide booster perks, there’s plenty time to finish the mission, 
  so try to obtain them first. Also go for extra battery power, helps a lot.

Tips to Earn Zorkins:
One way to get ’em is by selling valuables. You can find these hidden in 
settlements or even in ruins like essence shrines or temples. Keep an eye out
for rare flowers or eggs—they often respawn, so you can keep cashing in.

Another way is by gathering and selling plants and creature parts. But if you 
want to really rack up those Zorkins, go Gork hunting. Take down those Gorks 
around the map and bring ’em to the Gork prisoner in Emea. 
You’ll get 75 Zorkins for each one.

-=Reward list=-
* Ancient Sai Statuette: 100
* Blue Helidium Flower: 100
* Precious Ore: 60
* Ventilope Statuette: 50
* Golden Mushroom: 20
* Talan Statuette: 15

Don’t forget about the trader—you can sell your stuff to them too. Happy hunting!
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