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Of Life and Land Cheats

Of Life and Land

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Guide to Manage Worker Jobs:
Written by J

In the faction UI where your people are listed is a work indication (how many 
workplaces and their workload) and when you hover over it you can see where they
are working. In the building overview you have the view from the other side 
indicating how many people are working and how many workstations are free.

To inspect specific people, you can click on them to see all their workstations 
and what they do.

In most cases, the game will auto-fill jobs if you have spare citizens.

However, there’s a case for managing each building’s workers and each worker’s 
jobs manually to improve workflow.

As an example, in the early game I have one of my initial 10 citizens set to three 
jobs: Hand Mill at 1, Baker’s Simple Oven at 2, and Campfire at 3.

This means the citizen will prioritize milling grain to flour until they reach the 
storage limit for the hand mill, then move to baking bread until hitting the storage 
limit for the baker’s simple oven, then finally haul bread or other foods to the 
campfire as their lowest priority job. Paired with a second worker with their primary 
job at the campfire, this keeps up a steady grain processing chain until the 
settlement’s expanded.

Finding bottlenecks in the production chain of your settlement is usually a case of 
figuring out which priorities aren’t set properly. There’s no easy way to do this 
aside from manually checking buildings or the citizen list.

To do this, select the building, go to the Employees tab, and click the name of the 
worker. Adjust the workplace priorities to ensure they’re focusing work on the area 
you need most urgently. Consider selecting the lower priority buildings from this 
worker’s list and adding or replacing the workers for this location if you’re 
pulling their attention away from it.

Also note that children display as part of the population data. They can’t be 
assigned to a work location, however, and their class level won’t go above Level 
II as they can’t fulfil the ‘Has: Workplace’ need. Therefore, don’t take the 
population number as a count of your worker total: there’s bound to be a bunch of 
freeloading kids in there eating your food and returning no resources.

How to Defend Food Crates and Plant Grass/Bushes:
Written by J

-=How to Secure=-
The villagers will move the goods to a more secured location when they are available. 
But you can as well build a fence to keep at least big animals away. Other players 
use fields /creates to their advantage to attract animals to be able to catch or 
hunt them.

There is a step where you create a garden field.

Note: A gate is needed so the people can get in and out of the fenced area. You can 
build the fence directly at the food crate. But I personally would not focus too 
much on the starting food pile, as you will get quickly a lot more stocks if you 
build your production chains.

-=Easy start=-
A good starting point is to rush the production of a fireplace, which will make it 
possible to have workers haul all the starting food into a more secure storage area.

To do this, you’ll need one or two foresters stump buildings, which will let you gather 
the wood required.

While this is happening, your other idle citizens can plant garden beds and wheat 
fields using the bark, roots and sprouts resources before they’re all eaten by hungry 

This will save most of your starting resources from getting pilfered, but even if it 
does happen, don’t stress too much. The amount you get at the start isn’t hard to replace 
within a few days of appropriate work.

Fences are still a good idea eventually. Stray cows and deer can ruin your gardens if 
you let them. My strategy is to place fence gates at the top of each cliff path. This 
can block off large chunks of the map from migrating large animals, although this also 
prevents you exploiting them for their resources. But protecting the most sensitive areas, 
such as your farms, is a good idea.

Tips to Keep People from Heat:
There are multiple things you can do:

* Clothes help a lot against the heat, so make sure you have enough in stock.
* I often plant trees along paths that your villagers use a lot, it cools the area down
* Note: You can also see this in the heat overlay on the mini map.
* Building paths along rivers can also help.
* In general, make sure that transport routes are not too long
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