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Obsidian Prince Cheats

Obsidian Prince

Submitted by: David K.

Beginner’s Weapon Guide:
Written by Jean

This guide will be showing you the complete list of weapons and their stats in 
Obsidian Prince. Note that this page is still under construction and we will be
adding more details as we progress.

-=Weapon List=-
Things missing: Proper formatting and spel check. Plenty of weapons presumably,
as well as the actual stats of the weapons and where to get them.

Skill: Storm Hammer
Cost: 4 energy
Range: 2 (full square)

The lighting itself strike in a 3×3 square centered on the target square, 
which doesn’t require an enemy. A target in the center of the strike take 
full damage; enemies not in the center take half-damage.

Between strikes acculate +1 damage for every point of Energy gained by the Hero,
which is released on the next strike. Water tiles conduct the lighting dealing 
another strike to everything in it including the initial square targeted.

"Water Burst" 33%, 66% and 100% chance to spread water only affect squares hit 
occupied by enemies. This does, however, apply pre-emptively to the Hammer Strike,
making sure that every target gets hit by the bonus lightning damage. Cool.

Finally none of the hammer skill or cards lightning effects deal damage to you. 
Very cool.

Note: Basic and Move Attack remain basic strikes ie: no range or lightning.

Rainstorm: Conveniently enough same range and spread as a Storm Hammer with 
the target square being chosen randomly. Doesn’t seem to actually apply water
on square where enemies are but this need testing.

-=Dog collar=-
Spawn a dog which seek enemies until it has attack 3 times.
Maximum of one Dog.
Using collar when your dog is out cause it to jump to the nearest enemy.

Skill: Small Shield
Cost: 4 energy
Range: 0.

Active: Gain Armor
Passive: As long as you have armor, retaliate against melee range enemies 
with a basic attack.

Skill: Umbrella
Cost: 2 energy
Range: 1, limited to X shape

Cause damage to target and knockout any enemy near target.
Set up a 3×3 field of mold which can be used by the sporemaster.

Skill: Trap
Cost: 1 energy
Range: 1

Lay in wait until an enemy step in it.
Enemies have either no, or varying, trap awareness.
You can step in your own traps.

Skill: Spear
Cost: 4 energy
Range: 5 with a deadzone of 1 (X and + directions only)

Move toward the enemy to hit him.
Need a valid target. Cannot hit anything if surrounded.

Skill: Rapier
Cost: 2 energy
Range: 1

Strike and take a step back.

Skill: Staff
Cost: 4 energy

Strike a randomly selected enemy on the map.
If strike kill an enemy, select a new target.
25% chance on minion whatever that means.

Skill: Mirror
Cost: 4 energy
Range: 3 (full square)

Strike enemy once then spawn a ranged minion which will attack once.
If the initial strike killed an enemy then spawn two or three minions instead.

Skill: Lantern
Cost: 3 energy
Range: 3 (full square)

Strike enemy once. Fireflies DOT then fly around from it to an enemy that is near.
Duration and range unknown.

Skill: Shovel (Jump)
Cost: 3 energy
Range: 2 (limited to X and + shapes)

Jump OVER a free square or enemy… then land ON a free square or enemy doing damage.
then repeat if possible.

If. You -> Enemy -> Enemy -> Enemy -> Free square
Then. You -> Jump over enemy -> Jump ON enemy -> Jump over enemy -> Land

-=Book of Flame=-
Skill: Book of Flame Breath
Cost: 3 energy
Range: 2 (cone X shape, cannot hit range one “+” corners at all)

Hit in front and then 3 tiles wide, leaving fire on the ground.
Deep Breath extand range to 3, adding a row of 5 targets.

Skill: Shoot Shortbow
Cost: 3 energy
Range: 4 with a deadzone of 1 (Full square)

Shoot Bow if Drawn.
Draw Bow otherwise.

-=Long Bow=-
Skill: Shoot Bow
Cost: 2
Range: 5 with a deadzone of 2 (X and + directions only)

Shoot Bow if Drawn.
Draw Bow otherwise.
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