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No Plan B Cheats

No Plan B

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Tips and Tricks:
* Careful when using any kind of throwable on a floor above first. Iíve 
  learned the hard way that they can sometimes leak to the floor below, 
  and hurt civilians or operators.
* Try planning missions with room for error, like less tight angles so 
  agents donít botch throws, or ensuring every agent ends up on an 
  objective, or checking an angle that was already checked by a previous
  agent. Helps ensure better outcomes in the events of delays and deaths.
* Throwing grenades on top of objects like desks allows the radius to 
  affect the room almost unimpeded.
* Investing into a character with grenadier 3 is a good move, because it 
  makes missions with low agent counts a breeze, and compensates the loss
  of grenades if you like using shields.
* Paparazzi 1 is a useful skill, but Iíve noticed you have to be careful 
  when running in before the flashbang hits, because enemies can still 
  react and shoot you before it goes off. But it works well with good 
  timing for that extra bit of edge.
* I also usually pair awareness with designated marksman 3 when it can 
  help me shoot through a few more windows with snipers. Otherwise I pick
* The awareness skill is great for rear security, it lets you cover your 
  rear from flankers with less agents, and less blind spots.

Try and sync the speeds of agents you want working together. With the new 
attachments, this is easier to do. For example, an agent with the tank 2 
skill, riot shield, and a handgun (one that does not affect speed) will 
have the same speed as an agent with a -20% move speed penalty, like certain
smgs and shotgun. This helps alleviate the issue with agents hiding behind 
a shield bumping into the shield agent because of their faster movement.

Helpful Advice:
A thing I have been doing is planning out the skills I want my operators 
to have, and also plan to start giving them skills so they can multi-role 
after theyíve been specialized. This is great for campaign, because it 
allows you to have, for example, a backup shield agent for when one dies, 
or the other needs to rest. Or a medic you can alternate to keep your agents 

My suggestion is for the first agent you buy extra skills for after (or 
before) youíve fully specialized them, is the sniper if you have it. I find 
that more often than not I donít use snipers, so giving them a ground 
alternative is a good idea. Investing in designate marksman is not a bad 
idea despite itís dependency on good map rng.

Pairing agile 2 and Tank 2 would make a riot shield user just a little faster 
than a standalone handgun user, and agile 3 with Tank 1 would make them have 
a +20% speed boost. Those combos are also effective at alleviating the bump 
issue, and keeping the shield agent ahead of itís squad. Which is useful for 
when you want a shield agent to spearhead the attack (which is most of the 
time you use them. Donít be afraid to use them for rear cover as well, shields
are great at protecting your squad from random open or glass doorways).

-=A tip/trick I have for using throwables=-
Have an agent open the door, and a different agent throw the grenade. It helps 
to be on opposite sides of the door frame, but that can change with the place 
you want the grenade to land.

Depending on where you want the grenade to land, you can get away with throwing 
the grenade before the door icon on the timeline (the time that the door fully 
opens) and sometimes you can move an agent before they return to their neutral 
stand after their throw.

Some things that are common to all maps and game types:
* Try to see what is in a room safely first. Either by peeking doors, or using 
* For larger or risky areas use flashbangs to cover the most risk. That is areas 
  you canít see or areas you will see later or last when entering a room (such as 
  the hard corners). This can give you that precious window to deal with threats 
  there after the uncovered areas.
* Get guns in areas as fast as possible. The basic idea of this is when entering 
  a room a troop will look the opposite way as the one in front of him. You want 
  as many guns and coverage as fast as possible. So donít do things like look one
  way and walk another and other habits from first person shooters. A troop picks
  a direction and commits to it. The one behind picks another and commits to it, 
  so on.

On top of that you can buy perks if available. Map scan is a good one for dropping 
the difficulty and get used to the game more.

Or credits can buy more flashbangs. You can flash every room if you have the 
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